Minimum teacher salary supplement repealed

Effective with the 2012-13 school year, Public Law 2011 Chapter 477 Part D (LD 1816) has repealed the Minimum Teacher Salary Supplement (20-A MRSA §15689 sub-§7 and sub-§8 have been repealed).  This action by the legislature repealed the law that had required the State to provide the funding to school administrative units to pay the difference between the locally established salary and the statutory minimum amount of $30,000.

The law requiring each school administrative unit to establish a minimum salary of $30,000 for certified teachers (20-A MRSA §13406) is still in effect.  The State is no longer required to provide the amount necessary to bring the salary up to the statutory minimum; however, the school administrative unit is still required to pay certified teachers the statutory minimum amount of $30,000.

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