We’re serious about our support

Congratulations on completing another successful school year.

I was honored to spend much of the past week connecting with many of Maine’s education leaders at the 102nd Annual Superintendent’s Conference in Northport. For those who attended, I hope the transformational leadership development combined with the transitional support to help your schools move to a proficiency-based diploma energized you as much as it did me. Just as our potential to graduate every student prepared is great, so are the stakes – as was made quite evident by the CEOs who spoke during Sunday’s session about the core competencies the opportunities of Maine’s future will demand.

I also hope you take the Department up on the offer I extended during my Commissioner’s Update, during which I also invited districts to participate in a dialogue with us as to how we can best serve you, and Maine’s students. As I said to superintendents, I am serious about Maine DOE being the focused resource you need us to be. This is important work to me, as a dad and as a policymaker, and I know it is to you too.

While we hope you take some well-deserved time off this summer to enjoy Maine, please remember as you begin planning for the next school year, we are always here to help. Let me know how we can do that better.

Also, as the fiscal year officially closes on June 30, please remember to:

  • Complete end-of-year student reporting requirements on time in order to ensure that schools have accurate data.
  • Let us know if your email address is changing by updating your subscription information.

Please note: This is the last Commissioner’s Update of the 2012-13 school year, and as in the past, during the summer this communication will be distributed biweekly. Look for the next update on July 11.

LEAVE A REPLY. We encourage reader comments to foster a substantive dialogue about education in Maine. Essentially, be brief, be respectful, stay on topic, and include your first and last names. Read the rest of the Maine DOE Newsroom’s comments policy (linked below).

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