Self-assessment for proficiency-based diploma transition online through June

As part of Maine DOE’s commitment to supporting districts in their transition to a proficiency-based diploma by 2018, last July we launched the online resource Getting to Proficiency: Helping Every Maine Student Graduate Prepared.

Included in the tools we provided on that site was a comprehensive online self-assessment developed in collaboration with Great Schools Partnership that was designed to support districts with their action planning for proficiency-based education. The self-assessment process and criteria was informed by the experience of several schools districts in Maine and New England that have successfully implemented proficiency-based systems. Fostering candid self-evaluation, the tool leads districts through a comprehensive set of questions focused on policy, practice and community engagement aspects of implementation.

This self-assessment is most valuable to districts through the spring of 2014 to inform the planning stages for the transition to a proficiency-based diploma. In response to concerns related to the confidentiality of the self-assessment data, after June 30 the interactive online assessment will be replaced with a paper version that districts can download off our website for local use.

For questions about best utilizing the self-assessment, please contact Maine DOE Standards-Based Education Specialist Diana Doiron at 207-624-6823 or

8 responses to “Self-assessment for proficiency-based diploma transition online through June

  1. “The current system, designed and hosted by Great Schools Partnership, is a tool available to districts who are encouraged to engage their staff and community in the self-assessment. Having it more easily available to the general public is one of the many benefits of having a paper version available on our website, and one of the many reasons we are moving in that direction.”

    I’m perplexed how a paper version would make it easier for the general public. Why not simply an digital version that could be accessed with a single click? What am I missing?

  2. I’m a parent and would like to see the list of 100 survey questions. How do I go about requesting this?

  3. Second try: Please post a link to the questions being asked on this assessment tool so all Maine residents can see what’s being asked. Thanks.

  4. Please post the questions in a way that does not require being part of a school system so all Maine residents can see what’s being asked. It wouldn’t be necessary to be able to answer them, just see them. Thanks.

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