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Governor supports teachers and urges Democrats to do the same

Reprinted with permission from the Office of Governor Paul LePage.

AUGUSTA – Governor Paul R. LePage is urging teachers to contact Democrats in the Legislature and tell them to support the administration’s tax conformity bill that will provide teachers with tax benefits for school supplies they pay for out of their own pocket.

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Community Schools Pilots during the 2016-17 school year

The Maine Legislative action of the First Regular Session of the 127th Legislature, in the budget bill, Public Law 2015, Chapter 267 proposed that the Maine Department of Education be authorized to designate three community schools established in accordance with 20-A MRSA Chapter 333 as part of a five-year pilot project beginning in the 2016-17 school year.

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PEPG Submittal Form available online Feb. 1

The Maine DOE is pleased to offer the 2016 PEPG Submittal Form to all school administrative districts. SAUs may start entering data into the form on Feb. 1 and attach their Performance Evaluation Professional Growth (PEPG) system plans directly to the online form.

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More information regarding exit from current school identifications

On December 10, 2015 President Obama signed into law the Every Student Success Act (ESSA) which reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Maine’s current flexibility waiver will expire on August 1, 2016. However, ESSA is clear that during the transition period priority and focus schools shall implement the interventions as described in State flexibility plans.

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Parental consent for evaluation, Part II

A recent dispatch from Maine DOE’s Office of Special Services on parental consent for evaluation informs school administrative units of the rules when a parent does not consent to an initial evaluation of a student. In these cases, the SAU may, but is not required to, request a due process hearing in an effort to obtain the authorization for the evaluation from a hearing officer, but otherwise may not proceed with the evaluation. (Note: an initial evaluation encompasses all types of evaluations that may be administered at the point where a student is being considered for eligibility).

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‘The Maine Event’ airs this Saturday

Commissioner Bill Beardsley joined Senator Roger Katz, Hannah Pingree, and Maine Education Association’s John Kosinksi for a taping of the “The Maine Event” airing this Saturday night at 6 p.m. on Maine Public Broadcasting.

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Correction to Administrative Letter #2 2015 – Special purpose private school tuition rates

Administrative Letter Number: 2
Policy Code: BG/CH
To: Superintendents of Schools, Business Managers/Bookkeepers
From: William H. Beardsley, Acting Commissioner
Date: January 13, 2016
Re: Correction to Administrative Letter #2 2015 – Special Purpose Private School Tuition Rates

The MUSER citation and following explanatory text of the second paragraph of Administrative Letter #2 for 2015 is incorrect.

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Parental consent for evaluation guidance

The Maine DOE is offering important guidance regarding parental consent for evaluation. Before a school administrative unit (SAU) may conduct an evaluation (e.g., intellectual testing, psychological evaluation, or speech/language testing) of a student, it must first obtain the signed, written consent of the student’s parent. In making an informed decision whether to provide consent, the parent is entitled to know the areas to be evaluated and the purpose of the evaluation (how the evaluation results will be used).

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Notice of proposed rule changes to Chapter 126 / 261 Immunization Requirements for School Children

The Maine Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services Center for Disease Control and Prevention are proposing refinements to joint rule Chapters 126/261.

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USDOE seeking input regarding Elementary and Secondary Education Act-Title I

The United States Department of Education (USDOE) is asking for suggestions regarding the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, (ESEA) Title I. The Secretary is soliciting advice and recommendations from interested parties prior to publishing proposed regulations to implement programs under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, as amended (Title I). Continue reading