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Recertification needed in NEO Graduation Module

Please note ALL superintendents of public school districts, school administrators from 60% publicly funded private schools, and charter schools must recertify. 

Maine DOE recently discovered and promptly fixed a technical issue related to the State’s data system for calculating graduation rates. As a result, all superintendents from public school districts, school administrators from 60 percent publicly funded private schools, and public charter schools must reexamine and recertify data in NEO. We ask that this process be completed no later than Friday, Feb. 5.

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Statewide Arts Education Census

The Maine DOE is collaborating with the Maine Arts Commission to establish a statewide inventory of all arts education programs and resources in the state’s 754 prekindergarten through 12th grade schools. Data collection has just begun and will continue through May 2016.

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Critical staff data correction for FY 17 EPS subsidy calculation

The following Priority Notice was sent to District Administrators today to alert them of a critical Dec. 28 deadline to correct errors in reporting of Years of Experience in NEO Staff that may negatively impact the calculation of subsidy for FY 17.

In reviewing the Staff Data download from Dec. 1, 2015 to be used in the FY 17 Essential Programs and Services (EPS) Funding calculations, the Department found a large number of possible errors related to the Years of Experience for Staff. This potential error could negatively impact the calculation of subsidy for FY 17.

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EPS funding calculation data needed now

The following Priority Notice was sent to district administrators on Monday, Oct. 26.

It is imperative that you ensure your staff data is complete and accurate prior to the Nov. 13, 2015 deadline for the superintendent to certify your staff data. Between Tuesday, Oct. 27 and Friday, Nov. 13, all school administrative units and required private schools must certify the staff data.

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Notice of proposed rule and rule changes: Chapters 176 and 23

The Maine DOE is proposing a repeal and replace of Chapter 23, a regulation related to the collection of staff information and Chapter 176, a new rule related to Child Development Services (CDS).

Chapter 23: The Department is repealing the original regulation of 1979. This proposal replaces the original regulation and reflects that the collection of staff information is to be done within the data collection systems rather than via forms, and will include authorized and approved personnel (in addition to certified) paid by local school systems and private schools.

Chapter 176: This rule sets forth the process whereby the Child Development Services (CDS) State Intermediate Educational Unit (SIEU) establishes a roster of independent contractors for the provision of evaluations for children with disabilities from birth to age five, early intervention services for children with disabilities from birth to age two, and special education and related services for children with disabilities age three to five; and ensures the provision of services in accordance with the contracts developed with independent contractors selected from the roster. A public hearing for this proposed rule is scheduled for Nov. 9 at 1 – 2:30 p.m. in room 600 of the Cross State Office Building in Augusta.

Proposed rules and rule changes can be found here on the Department’s website. Any questions about these rulemakings can be addressed by the Department’s Jaci Holmes at 624-6669.

MaineCare Seed payment adjustments made and more

The 2015-16 subsidy checks for General Purpose Aid for local schools will reflect adjustments for MaineCare Seed payments paid by the Maine DOE on behalf of school administrative units (SAUs) for the following:

  • 2015 Quarter 4 MaineCare payment adjustments
  • 2015 Quarter 3 corrections

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Changes regarding the upcoming Special Education Child Count

School administrative units are advised to verify the “Special Education Students for Federal Count” report in Infinite Campus and ensure that all student records in ICSE are updated by Oct. 15 for accurate reporting of Part I of the Special Education Child Count (EF-S-05).

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Maine DOE issues RFP for mathematics & English language arts/literacy assessment

The Maine DOE has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking bids to provide statewide assessments online for mathematics & English language arts/literacy in grades 3-8 and the third year of high school beginning in the spring of 2016.

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Contractual service providers’ information needed

Maine DOE is requiring staff that require certification, authorization or approval (criminal history background checks) and are paid by schools under contractual agreements to be reported to the State staff information system, NEO Staff, in order for the schools (and the State Department of Education) to be in compliance with State statutes and rules.

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NEO Maine Schools Update form

The NEO Maine Schools Update form is required by school units to inform the Maine DOE of school and district contact information, changes in grade spans, and other district- and school-related information.

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