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PEPG Submittal Form available online Feb. 1

The Maine DOE is pleased to offer the 2016 PEPG Submittal Form to all school administrative districts. SAUs may start entering data into the form on Feb. 1 and attach their Performance Evaluation Professional Growth (PEPG) system plans directly to the online form.

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Student Learning Objective (SLO) training for districts

Maine DOE is proud to offer Student Learning Objective (SLO) training to school administrative units (SAUs) to help support of the development of Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth (PEPG) systems. These regional trainings will be available in four locations throughout the state.

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Copy of PEPG submittal form to SAUs

The following Priority Notice was sent to school administrative districts today.

The Maine Department of Education is pleased to release a PDF of the submittal form for all school administrative units (SAUs) required to submit a Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth (PEPG) plan as described in Rule Chapter 180. SAUs are encouraged to read the form carefully and make preparations for the submittal process. The Maine DOE will activate the actual submittal form online by February 1, 2016. SAUs can only submit their plans through the online form.

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Maine DOE to release “Content Corner” resources

Student proficiency is enhanced by educator use of high impact instruction strategies. To support educator understanding of effective practices in the content areas, the Maine DOE is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its inaugural collection of articles focused on instructional strategies.

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Maine DOE clarifies use of State assessment in PEPG systems

The Department is offering clarification regarding the use of the State assessment as a student growth measure as described in Maine DOE Regulation Chapter 180, section 7 part 6. This rule requires the use of the State assessment for mathematics and English language arts/literacy teachers in grades 4-8 as one measure of student learning and growth in teacher summative effectiveness rating.

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Clarification of pilot year for PEPG systems

Administrative Letter: 1
Policy Code: BGE
To: Superintendents
From: Chief Academic Officer, Rachelle Tome
Date: November  5,  2015
Re: Clarification of Pilot Year for PEPG Systems

In an effort to further clarify the expectations of ME Dept. of Education Regulation, Chapter 180 and the Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth (PEPG) development process the Maine Department of Education (Maine DOE) is offering this guidance for all Maine School Administrative Units (SAUs).  It is important to remember the 2015-2016 is the pilot year for all districts to develop and adjust their PEPG systems. Public Law 2015, Chapter 18 changed the pilot year. This bill was effective April 12, 2015.

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Districts receive PEPG system development grants

The Maine DOE is proud to report the distribution of 139 grants to school administrative units (SAUs) across the state of $4,600 each to support the development of performance evaluation and professional growth (PEPG) systems. The grant money was available to any school district that submitted their Intent to Pilot survey and submitted the PEPG Grant Application.

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Maine DOE offering PEPG development grants to SAUs

The following priority notice was sent today to all Maine school districts.

In an effort to support school administrative units (SAUs) develop their PEPG systems, the Maine DOE is proud to offer grants of $4,600 for the purpose of PEPG professional development. To receive these targeted funds, SAUs must complete the PEPG Implementation Grant Application and respond to the Department’s Intent to Pilot survey (released in June) by Thursday, Oct. 15.

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Maine is one of 16 states to gain federal approval on Educator Equity Plan

The U. S. Department of Education has approved Maine’s Educator Equity Plan aimed at increasing access to excellent educators. Maine is one of only 16 states to receive approval of the required state Educator Equity Plan, filed with USDOE last month. To summarize, Maine will take steps to decrease the gaps in student access to experienced qualified teachers regardless of where students live, their income or their race.

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Intent to pilot survey results indicate SAUs are moving forward with PEPG systems

As part of the implementation of Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth (PEPG) systems, Rule Chapter 180 and Maine Statute Title 20-A, Chapter 508 require that school administrative units (SAUs) begin piloting their PEPG systems during the 2015-16 school year.

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