Reporting 2010-11 Student Information


TO: Superintendent of Schools and School Administrators for 60% Publicly Funded Schools
FROM: Angela Faherty, Ph.D., Commissioner of Education
DATE: September 15, 2010
SUBJECT: Reporting 2010-11 Student Information

The Infinite Campus State Education System (ICSE) is online for school year 2010-11 updates. The updated 2010-11 student information will be utilized to meet State and federal reporting requirements (ESEA, Graduates, Dropouts, AYP, etc) as well as the calculation of State subsidy for 2011-12.

Topics in this letter:

  • Due dates
  • Enrollment dates and deadlines
  • Data standards documents
  • Upload changes for 2010/11
  • General instructions
  • Reporting guidance for Special Purpose Private Schools
  • Reporting guidance for the MDOE School
  • Reporting guidance for Alternative Organizational Structures (AOSs)
  • Contact information

Due dates:

Due to technical issues with Infinite Campus, the Department understands that the local schools have not been able to enroll students the past few weeks.  However, to be able to meet statutory deadlines critical to the calculation of State subsidy, it is important to adhere to these annual due dates.  Currently, approximately 70% of a school administrative unit’s subsidy is directly related to student enrollments.  We encourage the schools to make enrollment a priority in order to meet these deadlines.

October 15, 2010 – All student enrollments must be entered into the Infinite Campus State Edition.

October 16, 2010 to October 31, 2010 – Certification of student enrollments; these must not occur before October 16, 2010 and no later than October 31, 2010.

For instructions on how to certify the October 1st enrollment, please see EPS Reporting Instructions – Public located at

Enrollment dates and deadlines:

October 1, 2010 Student Count – all students should be enrolled by October 15, 2010 so that resident school administrative units may review the data and conduct a final verification of the October 1st student count (EPS October report). The certification of student data should take place between October 16, 2010 and October 31, 2010 and the report is available within the Infinite Campus State Edition. Certifications will not be accepted prior to October 16, 2010.

Data standards documents:

Data standards documents are available to support users in understanding the meaning and format of required fields.  Please review the standards by visiting:

Upload changes for 2010/11:

The Student Personal and Enrollment upload schemas have been changed for 2010-11. The changes for 2010-2011 are described at

Please check with your student information system vendor to make sure you have the latest file formats. The new schemas are posted at

General instructions:
If a student has moved from your school administrative unit to another school administrative unit prior to October 1, 2010, the exit date should be the last day the student was in attendance at your school administrative unit. Please do not keep a student enrolled if the student has left the school administrative unit and is not expected to return.

The following information is available on the MEDMS Student Information System module website:

  1. Student Data Entry Completion Status
    • This is a report that shows the number of Primary Enrollments, Invalid Enrollments, and Concurrent Enrollments for each School. If you see Invalid Enrollments listed next to your school, this means you are missing some or all of the required fields in the State Reporting Fields section. You may also see which students have invalid enrollments by running the report in Infinite Campus State Edition under the ME State Reporting section called “Invalid Enrollments”. Invalid Enrollments will not be counted in your EPS / State subsidy.
  2. Student Data Standards
  3. General Definitions Related to Student Enrollment Data
  4. Who is a Dropout?
  5. EPS Reporting Instructions – Public
  6. Student Reporting Instructions—Private
  7. Fiscal Responsibility Guidelines
  8. Foreign Exchange Student Information
  9. Home School Education
  10. State Agency Client Information
  11. Superintendents Agreement Information
  12. Guidance for Reporting Incidents of Prohibited Behavior
  13. Definitions Regarding Discipline of Special Education Students
  14. Student Enrollment Instructions for Special Purpose Private Schools
  15. Guidance on Enrollments for Students Participating in CTE Programs
  16. Guidance on Habitual Truancy Reporting
  17. Aggregate Daily Attendance Reporting Guidance
  18. Guidance on Race / Ethnicity Data Standards
  19. Alternative Organizational Structures (AOS)

Reporting guidance for Special Purpose Private Schools:

Enrollment instructions for Special Purpose Private Schools are posted at . The Primary (Main) enrollment must be entered by the sending school unit prior to the Partial (Concurrent) enrollment by the attending school. The sending school must be identified for reporting purposes since the Special Purpose Private Schools do not issue credits and diplomas.

Reporting guidance for the MDOE School:

The Department is working on clarifying procedures as to which students should be enrolled in the MDOE school and how the students should be enrolled. These procedures will be detailed in a future Informational Letter. The procedures will cover the following:

  • Enrollment procedures for the Residential Treatment Centers (RTC)
  • Enrollment procedure for the public school
  • Enrollment procedure for the Special Purpose Private School (SPPS)
  • Enrollment procedure for students who are accepted into the Maine State Diploma program

Reporting guidance for Alternative Organizational Structures (AOSs):

Guidance related to reporting data for Alternative Organizational Structures (AOS) is available at

Contact information:

If you have any questions regarding the Infinite Campus State Edition System, please contact the MEDMS Help Desk, Tel. (207) 624-6896 or e-mail

If you have any general student enrollment questions, please contact Rick Bergeron, Tel. (207) 624-6799 or e-mail

If you have questions related to the MDOE School, please contact Nancy Connolly, Tel. (207) 624-6671 or e-mail

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