School Bus Driver Expands Winter Clothing Drive, “Keeping Kids Warm ♥️ Hudson”

Lewiston school bus driver Ivy Corliss is expanding her local winter clothing drive in hopes of gathering and providing warm winter gear to give to kids across the Maine who need it. She says she hopes to help kids “stay warm so they can focus on learning and enjoying time with friends at recess.”

I love being a bus driver but sometimes we have heavy hearts when we see kids who don’t have basic winter gear to keep warm. There was a young child in tears on my bus whose hands and face were beat red because they had no winter hat, mittens or boots. So I was able to find them what was needed at home and now they are nice and warm. This is just one of the many children and young adults that don’t have warm winter gear. 

By teaming up with schools nurses, local businesses, and many “big hearted” people across Maine, Ivy has created a clothing drive through her Facebook Group, Keeping Kids Warm ♥️ Hudson. She hopes to expand those efforts to more schools to help ensure that kids around the state have access to winter gear.

Any schools that are interested, can contact Ivy Corliss directly. She hopes to communicate with schools directly when winter gear is needed so that she can get the word out to potential donors.

If you would like to get in contact with Ivy Corliss she can be reached at (207) 320-9507 or