Maine DOE Launches a New Web Resource to Support Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Framework Implementation

The Maine Department of Education is thrilled to announce the launch of a new web experience designed to provide relevant content and valuable information about Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). The new resource aims to be a useful guide and implementation tool that will help schools with the complex task of fully implementing MTSS.

The creation of a MTSS website resource began with the establishment of a full time MTSS Specialist in November of 2019. With support and input from a variety of specialists across the Department, as well as many discussions with stakeholders from the field, one thing became clear: Maine educators need a resource they can access that will not only provide information about MTSS, but empower them to take action on a MTSS problem or challenge.  With the theme “what they need, when they need it” in mind, each page of the website seeks to provide a way for educators to find what they are looking for, quickly and easily, so Maine students have access to the supports they need to grow academically, behaviorally, and socially.

Braiding together the “What” and the “How”

Understanding that educators utilize web resources to learn something new, seek answers to questions, or explore solutions to a challenge, the MTSS website seeks to braid together the “what” of MTSS and the “how” of MTSS.  The site provides a combination of informational content and links, learning opportunities, and downloadable tools that can be used immediately.  For example, looking for information on team leadership?  The MTSS Framework page unpacks the “team leadership” component of MTSS and provides tools and resources to put into place as soon as  you leave the site.  Or, maybe you want to learn something new about implementation fidelity or how to facilitate school and family partnerships.  The Professional Learning page offers short learning modules and webinar resources you can participate in to help you on your journey.

The MTSS Framework page and the Professional Learning page are just two examples of what you will find when you visit the MTSS website. Other features include problem solving through technical assistance, information on opportunities for how you can get involved, and trail maps and action guides to help move you forward no matter where you are on your MTSS journey.

A work in Progress

Above all, the MTSS website will be continually growing, adapting, and changing as needs  arise or change. Some sections of the website are still under construction, but plenty of content is already available. Visit the site often to stay up to date on new resources .  If you are looking for something in particular, simply click the contact tab and reach out.  The MTSS Specialist will be in touch to help.

To visit the MTSS website visit to get started.  For more information contact Andrea Logan, MTSS Specialist via email at, or phone (207) 592-2011.