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Report of Adult Education (EF-M-39A) – opens June 1st, due by July 15, 2017

Starting June 1, the EF-M-39 Report of Adult Education will be submitted online through the NEO Student Data Module. The report is a resident-based aggregate count of students aged 16 to 20 who live within the boundaries of a school administrative unit (SAU), are no longer enrolled in regular education classes, and are taking academic courses through a Maine Adult Education program, but not necessarily through the SAU in which they reside.

New this year, the Department is requesting that units report the number of students, the number of courses and credits taken; student names are no longer required.

Who Needs to Report:

All public SAUs, excluding public charter schools, must complete the report, even if there are no pupils to report. Please note that the individual SAU member entities of AOSs and school unions must report separately. SAUs whose students attend a regional Adult Education programs must report the number of resident students who attend the regional Adult Education programs.

  • EF-M-39A: Opens on June 1, 2017
  • Due by July 15, 2017
  • Data reporting period: January 1 – June 30, 2017

To Complete the Form: Go to

Once logged in to the NEO system navigate to Student Data, if you do not have NEO credentials please have your Superintendent submit a NEO Access Request Form to the Maine DOE Data HelpDesk.

  1. Enter the total number of students (between the ages of 16-20) enrolled in adult education
  2. Enter the total number of courses
  3. Enter the total number of credits

The Data Collection and Reporting (DC&R) Calendar lists all reports due to Maine DOE.

The accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the data sent for this report has a direct correlation to the subsidy that your SAU may receive.

Questions: Call the MEDMS Helpdesk at (207) 624-6896 or email

Changes to School and District IDs for 2017-18 school year

Since 2004, the Maine Department of Education has issued school and school administrative unit (SAU) IDs generated by the Maine Education Data Management System (MEDMS). The MEDMS system is being decommissioned and will no longer be used to generate or maintain these codes. School and SAU information is now maintained in the NEO Maine Schools module, which has its own set of IDs known as Organization (Org) IDs. Starting with the 2017-18 school year, schools and SAUs will need to use the NEO Org IDs for their schools and districts when communicating data to the Maine DOE. This includes uploading data to the new student information system (Synergy).

The Department will be communicating these ID changes to all student information systems (SIS) vendors that are on file as operating in Maine. Please ensure that your SIS vendor information is up to date in the NEO Maine Schools module so we will communicate with your vendor.

Crosswalks from the old MEDMS codes to the new NEO Org IDs are located on the Department’s Infrastructure website.

If you have any questions about these code changes, please contact Maine DOE’s Education Data Manager Charlotte Ellis at or 624-6696.

Maine Schools Update: Required Reporting Open 5/1 – 6/15

The NEO Maine Schools Update form is required by all public school units and private schools to inform the Maine Department of Education of school and district contact information, changes in grade spans, and other SAU and school related information.


  • Report will open May 1 and close June 15
  • Update any information for the District. All fields with the exception of Administrative Office Fax are required. PO Boxes will not be accepted in the “Physical Address” box. Mailing address is needed only if different from Physical address. Check the box to confirm that all SAU information has been reviewed before moving on to individual schools information.
  • The Cost Center information that has been added to Maine Schools references the three digit code that the business office uses in the financial system to assign building level costs. Each building will have at least one Cost Center, but may have two codes if the building has a combination of PreK-8 grade students and 9-12 grade students. PreK-8 grade will have a range of 010 through 290, and 9-12 grades will have a code in the range of 300 through 380. CTE Centers will have a Cost Center of 390. If school districts operate an alternative education program where they need to enter the building those will use a cost center in the range of 500 through 590. The cost center report can be downloaded here:
  • Student information system – enter the system you use to upload data to the state.  **This is important ** we need your correct SIS vendor information for training and communication with the vendor**
  • If a school offers All-day K or Alternative Education, please indicate.

To log in:

Click on Maine Schools (if you do not see this option on your menu, and are a superintendent, technical coordinator, or administrative assistant, please contact the MEDMS Helpdesk at or 207-624-6896.

Maine DOE Reporting Calendar replaced by new Data, Collections & Reporting (DC&R) System

As a reminder, as of April 1st the Maine Department of Education has officially replaced the Maine DOE Reporting Calendar with the Data, Collections & Reporting (DC&R) DC&R calendar in NEO.  This module will be a one-stop shop for all organizations to go to see what report is required and when, and to get the most up to date version of a form.

Maine DOE Staff have been submitting reports to be loaded to the module with information on when the report is due, instructions and links for completing the reports, as well as contact information from within the Department.  Districts and the public can now see reports that are due and past due, if applicable.  There is an indicator as to whether or not submitting the report has an impact on funding as well as a tab for “As Needed” reports, such as IEP forms, etc. where districts can have access to the most up to date forms they need in one place.  The Helpdesk is currently in process of loading all Department reports.  Going forward, Districts will only be required to complete reports that are in DC&R.

 For more information contact the Data Systems Helpdesk at (207) 624-6896 or

Maine DOE Data Helpdesk Survey

The Maine Department of Education Data Helpdesk Team is here to assist you with access to your NEO, Infinite Campus and coming soon, Edupoint systems.  We can offer general guidance on individual models within the applications.  If you have called our helpdesk in the past or make a call to us in the future, please help us by taking a few minutes to tell us about the service that you have received. We appreciate your time and want to make sure we meet your expectations.   click here to take the survey.

For more information visit the DOE Data Helpdesk page.


Reporting 2016-17 Student Information – Due Date: April 15, 2017

The Infinite Campus State Education system (ICSE), is online for school year 2016-17 updates.  The updated 2016-17 student information will be utilized to meet State and federal reporting requirements (ESSA, Graduates, Dropouts, AYP, etc.) as well as the calculation of State subsidy for 2017-18 for Maine’s public school administrative units.

All private schools with publicly funded students must report ALL “publicly funded students” in the Infinite Campus State Education System.   The private schools that receive publicly funded students must report these students in the Infinite Campus State Education system in order for the public school administrative units to receive a subsidy count for these students in their future State subsidy.  The State subsidy to a public school unit is often the source of funding that a school administrative unit uses to pay the tuition for these students to attend the private schools.

Student Enrollment Reporting – Due Date:  April 15, 2017:

April 1, 2017 Student Count – all publicly funded students should be enrolled in Infinite Campus State Edition (ICSE) before April 15, 2017 so that the resident public school administrative units may review the data and verify the April 1st student count which takes place between April 16, 2017 and April 30, 2017.

  • For private schools enrolling “ALL” students in the Infinite Campus State Education System, please fax (1-866-219-8344) or mail the completed Signature Page of the April 1st Enrollment Report (EF-M-14) indicating that all students have been enrolled in the Infinite Campus State Education system. There will be no need to complete the remainder of the EF-M-14.
  • For private schools enrolling only publicly funded students in the Infinite Campus State Education system, please complete the April 1st Enrollment Report (EF-M-14 – Sections 2 and 3 only) and email the Excel spreadsheet form to the Department at In addition, please fax the completed Signature Page to 1-866-219-8344.
  • For private schools that have no publicly funded students, please complete the April 1st Enrollment Report (EF-M-14 – Sections 2 and 3) for the non-publicly funded students and email the Excel spreadsheet form to the Department at In addition, please fax the completed Signature Page to 1-866-219-8344.

The EF-M-14 Form can be downloaded from the Department of Education’s website at:

60% Publicly Funded Private Schools

These 11 private schools must complete both the EF-M-14 and the EPS April Enrollment Certifications.

Private Schools Using the Infinite Campus State Education System:

For private schools that enter students into the Infinite Campus State Edition, please refer to the document titled “Data Standards Document” located at:

If you have any questions regarding the Infinite Campus State Education (ICSE), please contact the MEDMS Help Desk, Tel. (207) 624-6896 or e-mail

If you have any general student questions, please contact Travis Wood, Tel. (207) 624-6742 or e-mail

Important Notice: Technical issues delay due date for quarterly review

A revision has been made to quarterly report review dates, which include truancy, behavior, bullying, and aggregate daily attendance and aggregate daily membership (ADA/ADM).

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Statements of Assurance and MEFS (Maine Educational Financial System) Financial Reconciliations (formerly MEDMS) due Nov. 1

Statements of assurance and MEFS (Maine Educational Financial System) Financial reconciliations, as required by Title 20-A MRSA 6051 §4, are due by November 1, 2016. Any adjustments identified by these reconciliations should be submitted to MEDMS Financial by November 30, 2016.

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Notice regarding upcoming special education reports EF-S-05 Part I and II

EF-S-05 Part I, Special Education Child Count: School administrative units are advised to verify the “Special Education Students for Federal Count” report in Infinite Campus State Edition (ICSE) and ensure that all student records in ICSE are updated by October 15, 2016. The “Special Education Students for Federal Count” report will refresh automatically between Oct. 1 and the end of the business day on Oct. 15. If changes to any student enrollments are made after Oct. 15, a manual refresh of this report must be requested by calling the MEDMS Help Desk at 624-6896. The “Special Education Federal Count Certification” can be submitted to the Department from Oct. 16 through Oct. 31. Detailed instructions for completing the EF-S-05 Part I can be found here.

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Maine DOE ACCUPLACER® units discontinued

As of July, Maine DOE discontinued access to ACCUPLACER® for students as part of the State’s testing program. High schools who would like to continue to utilize the ACCUPLACER® as a diagnostic assessment and placement tool for college-bound students are encouraged to establish independent accounts and transfer units from the State account.

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