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Update of Maine Schools form now overdue

The Update of Maine Schools form is now overdue. This electronic version replaced a paper form previously sent to school administrative units and private schools last year. Please check the status of your updates and complete them as soon as possible. The form requires a superintendent signature to complete the process and make it “Ready for Approval” in NEO. This form can only be completed after your superintendent, dean, or director has been entered into the staff module of NEO.

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SAUs to stop annually filing EF-S-03 for certification, background check status

School administrative units will no longer file the EF-S-03 report for the purpose of notifying the Maine Department of Education about the status of certification and/or licenses and criminal history record checks for contracted service providers for students with disabilities. Much of the information will be entered in the NEO data system, including professional license and certificate numbers.

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Infinite Campus State Edition now open for student data entry

Infinite Campus State Edition is now open for student data entry for the 2016-17 school year.

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NEO data workshops underway

Over 500 school administrators are participating in the 14 NEO data system training workshops across the state that began on July 19 and will finish on August 18.

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Summer data training dates

The following information was shared on June 9, but due to low enrollment in these training seminars, the Maine Department of Education would like to remind you of the importance and value of participating in the 2016 summer data training. Continue reading

Maine DOE 2016 summer data training

There are many changes coming in the 2016-17 school year. In order that accurate student and staff data is reported to the Maine Department of Education, it is important that the appropriate staff attend one (or more) of these training sessions. Registration is required.

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Estimated release dates of 2015-16 assessment data

The Maine Department of Education is negotiating a contract with vendor FocalPointK12 to deliver the 2015-16 assessment results via an online reporting system. The Maine Assessment and Accountability Reporting System (MAARS) is expected to be launched in the coming months and will provide both public and confidential access to data, replacing Measured Progress’ iServices portal.

To keep educators and the public informed, the Department has developed an expected timeline of release for the various assessments conducted during the 2015-16 school year. Although the timing for much of the data is later than desired, it is anticipated that the 2016-17 data will be released much earlier since Maine’s assessment and reporting systems will not undergo major changes in 2016-17.

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Maine contracts with Edupoint to replace State-level student information data system

The Maine Department of Education has entered into a two year contract with Edupoint Educational Systems, LLC to provide a State Level Student Information and Reporting System (SSIRS), called EduPoint Synergy.

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Enhanced student information system to replace Infinite Campus State Edition

The Maine Department of Education is pleased to announce the partnership of Edupoint Educational Systems to bring the power and flexibility of their Synergy Student Information System to Maine. The new Synergy system will replace the current state-level student information and reporting system, Infinite Campus State Edition (ICSE). Infinite Campus will continue as Maine DOE’s student data system in the interim until Synergy is fully installed, configured and tested.

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Truancy data reminder for administrators

The Department is reminding school administrators to review student truancy data after the last day of school, but no later than June 30. Superintendents are required to validate and certify truancy data at the end of the current school year.

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