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Important Notice: Technical issues delay due date for quarterly review

A revision has been made to quarterly report review dates, which include truancy, behavior, bullying, and aggregate daily attendance and aggregate daily membership (ADA/ADM).

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Statements of Assurance and MEFS (Maine Educational Financial System) Financial Reconciliations (formerly MEDMS) due Nov. 1

Statements of assurance and MEFS (Maine Educational Financial System) Financial reconciliations, as required by Title 20-A MRSA 6051 §4, are due by November 1, 2016. Any adjustments identified by these reconciliations should be submitted to MEDMS Financial by November 30, 2016.

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Notice regarding upcoming special education reports EF-S-05 Part I and II

EF-S-05 Part I, Special Education Child Count: School administrative units are advised to verify the “Special Education Students for Federal Count” report in Infinite Campus State Edition (ICSE) and ensure that all student records in ICSE are updated by October 15, 2016. The “Special Education Students for Federal Count” report will refresh automatically between Oct. 1 and the end of the business day on Oct. 15. If changes to any student enrollments are made after Oct. 15, a manual refresh of this report must be requested by calling the MEDMS Help Desk at 624-6896. The “Special Education Federal Count Certification” can be submitted to the Department from Oct. 16 through Oct. 31. Detailed instructions for completing the EF-S-05 Part I can be found here.

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Maine DOE ACCUPLACER® units discontinued

As of July, Maine DOE discontinued access to ACCUPLACER® for students as part of the State’s testing program. High schools who would like to continue to utilize the ACCUPLACER® as a diagnostic assessment and placement tool for college-bound students are encouraged to establish independent accounts and transfer units from the State account.

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Individual student economic status information required by October 1 count for subsidy calculation

The following Priority Notice was sent to superintendents on Monday, September 12.

School Administrative Units (SAUs) that do not collect school lunch information because they have chosen to implement the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for the federal school nutrition funds purposes, or for some other reason, are still required to report individual student information for the purpose of State funding (for Economically Disadvantaged students*) through the Essential Programs & Services Funding Act (EPS) and other federal and State individual student information requirements.

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Transportation Safety and Training Annual Data Report (EFT-21) due date extension

The due date for the year-end Transportation Safety and Training Annual Data Report (EFT-21) has been extended to December 31, 2016.  The report is in the process of being transferred from the MEDMS data system to the NEO data system.

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Maine DOE has ended all open placement notifications (EF-S-01 forms) as of June 30

To ensure data quality Maine DOE has ended all open placement notifications (EF-S-01 forms) in the NEO data system as of June 30, 2016 and will continue to end notifications annually.

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Districts asked to designate assessment coordinator

The following Priority Notice was distributed on Wednesday, Sept. 7 to superintendents requesting they identify a district assessment coordinator to coordinator and ensure a successful administration of the 2016-17 State assessments.

Dear Superintendents,

As we begin another school year, your district will again identify individuals in key roles in the NEO Staff System. On behalf of the assessment team, I am asking you to consider carefully your choice of the individual designated as the District Assessment Coordinator (DAC). While the DAC may not be directly responsible for all the details associated with the various assessments, the Maine DOE will count on this individual to be familiar with all State assessments in order to help address any issues that may occur.

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Update of Maine Schools form now overdue

The Update of Maine Schools form is now overdue. This electronic version replaced a paper form previously sent to school administrative units and private schools last year. Please check the status of your updates and complete them as soon as possible. The form requires a superintendent signature to complete the process and make it “Ready for Approval” in NEO. This form can only be completed after your superintendent, dean, or director has been entered into the staff module of NEO.

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SAUs to stop annually filing EF-S-03 for certification, background check status

School administrative units will no longer file the EF-S-03 report for the purpose of notifying the Maine Department of Education about the status of certification and/or licenses and criminal history record checks for contracted service providers for students with disabilities. Much of the information will be entered in the NEO data system, including professional license and certificate numbers.

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