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NEO Transportation Upgrade and EFT-24 Vehicle Mileage and Operations Report due date extension

The due date for the year-end EFT-24 Vehicle Mileage and Operations Report has been extended to December 31, 2016. MRSA 20-A section 6801-A provides statutory authority to withhold subsidy until reports are received.

NEO Transportation data system upgrades are scheduled to launch mid-October and early-December. The upgrades are designed to make the system easier to use and provide transportation reports.  Districts that have not been able to enter new vehicle inventory data, EFT-24 report data, or both should enter vehicle inventory and EFT-24 data as soon as possible to avoid the end of year rush. Districts that have successfully entered new vehicle inventory data and completed year-end FY16 data in the EFT-24 report do not need to do anything.

For further information about transportation reports and instructions to enter data visit the Maine DOE Reporting Calendar at Information about school transportation is located on the Maine DOE School Transportation website at

For policy questions regarding school transportation, contact the Maine DOE’s Transportation and Facilities Administrator Pat Hinckley at

For assistance with access to the NEO data system, contact the Maine DOE helpdesk

Maine schools join others around the nation to recognize National School Bus Safety Week October 17-21

National School Bus Safety Week, scheduled October 17-21 this year, is a public education program that promotes school bus safety.

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Public invited to submit comment to Blue Ribbon Commission online

Members of the public who wish to submit comments or ideas about public education issues for consideration by the Commission to Reform Public Education Funding and Improve Student Performance in Maine may do so here. Comments submitted through the website will be distributed to members of the Commission.

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New Major Capital School Construction Application Cycle Announced

Augusta – Public schools across Maine are invited to participate in the new application cycle for major school construction projects that will begin in October. The announcement that a new application cycle will begin was made at the monthly meeting of the State Board of Education on September 14. A new application cycle enables Maine public schools to apply for state support in order to undertake a major renovation or addition project, or to build a new facility.

The application will be similar to those used in the past. Applications will be posted on the Maine Department of Education’s website by October 15, 2016. An announcement will be made to alert school officials when the applications are posted.

“In consultation with the State Board of Education, the Department has determined that for the first time in six years, the time is right to open a new application cycle. The application, review, and approval process will remain consistent with the past process,” said Deputy Commissioner Bill Beardsley in announcing the new application cycle.

The Department will review completed applications and create a “needs-based” initial priority list, to be followed by the creation of a final priority list and an approved projects list. The entire application and review process is expected to take about two years and is governed by Chapter 61 of Department of Education and State Board of Education joint rules.

School officials who have questions about the process may contact Scott Brown, Director of School Construction, at  or at 624-6883.

Media inquiries should be directed to Jamie Logan, Communications Director, at or at 624-6747.

Integrated Pest Management helps schools develop healthier learning environments

On the national scene the U.S. Environmental Protection agency seeks to help schools pave the path towards healthier schools through integrated pest management (IPM) – ultimately supporting healthier learning environments.

Locally, Maine School IPM is dedicated to reducing risks of pests and pesticides in Maine schools. The School IPM Program, Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, is available to help with pest problem-solving advice, training resources and more.

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District wellness policies required to be updated by June 30, 2017

School administrative units participating in federal child nutrition programs such as the USDA National School Lunch Program are required to have updated wellness policies that comply with newly issued regulations. School wellness policies guide efforts to establish a school environment that promotes students’ health, well-being, and ability to learn.

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Individual student economic status information required by October 1 count for subsidy calculation

The following Priority Notice was sent to superintendents on Monday, September 12.

School Administrative Units (SAUs) that do not collect school lunch information because they have chosen to implement the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for the federal school nutrition funds purposes, or for some other reason, are still required to report individual student information for the purpose of State funding (for Economically Disadvantaged students*) through the Essential Programs & Services Funding Act (EPS) and other federal and State individual student information requirements.

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Transportation Safety and Training Annual Data Report (EFT-21) due date extension

The due date for the year-end Transportation Safety and Training Annual Data Report (EFT-21) has been extended to December 31, 2016.  The report is in the process of being transferred from the MEDMS data system to the NEO data system.

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Annual notification of eligibility for schoolwide programs

Schools that receive federal Title I funds, have poverty rates of at least 40 percent and have approved Title IA Schoolwide Plans are eligible to use their Title I funds – and funds from other sources – to develop “schoolwide programs.”

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New procedures for audit and corrective action plan extensions

Maine DOE has implemented new procedures for audit and corrective action plan extensions for school administrative units and municipal school units.

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