School Safety and Security Bulletin: Family Reunification

Throughout the 2018- 2019 school year, the Maine Department of Education, State Fire Marshal’s Office, Department of Health and Human Services, Maine State Police, Maine Sheriffs Association, Maine Chiefs of Police Association, and the Maine Emergency Management Agency will provide tips and resource information to Maine schools to help provide some guidance for identifying signs and preventing school violence.

School Safety and Security Bulletin  – January 2019

Further questions and inquiries can be send to Pat Hinckley, Maine DOE Transportation and Facilities Administrator at

Enrollment Data Deadlines for Spring 2019 MEA Registration

The Maine Department of Education would like to remind district personnel that are tasked with maintaining enrollment data that eMPowerME, SAT, and MEA Science reports need to be reviewed for accuracy and completeness. These reports will be used to electronically complete student registration for the spring 2019 administration of the Maine Education Assessments. Accuracy in these reports will minimize the amount of manual registrations that need to be done by the district during test administration.

The reports can be found in NEO under Student Data/Student Reports. Please update your Student Information Systems and push to Synergy State Edition by or before the following deadlines.

Below are the dates that state-wide enrollment will be captured and uploaded into the respective assessments for spring 2019 administration. It is critical that your enrollments are current and complete in Synergy by these dates. Please note: it is extremely important to unenroll your students as soon as they transfer so that the receiving school can enroll them in a timely manner.

  • eMPowerME 1/18/19
    This is the first upload of student enrollment data into the portal via Synergy/NEO reports. This is the only assessment that has daily change file updates, which will occur daily after 12pm beginning on 2/11/19 and running through 4/12/19. Please have your grade 3-8 students updated in your SIS prior to 1/18/19, and pushed to Synergy State Edition. Daily school/district enrollment updates are highly recommended. Data must be uploaded or manually entered in to Synergy by 12pm in order to be loaded in to the assessment portal for that day.
  • MEA Science 1/28/19
    This is the upload of student enrollment data for test pre-ID labels via Synergy/NEO reports. Please have your students updated in your SIS prior to 1/28/19 and pushed to Synergy State Edition. Any students who move into your district/school after 1/28/19 will not receive pre-ID labels and will need to pencil/bubble in their information on the answer sheet cover pages.
  • SAT 1/31/19
    This is the bulk registration enrollment data for test pre-ID labels via Synergy/NEO reports. Please have your high school students updated in your SIS prior to 1/28/19 and pushed to Synergy State Edition. Any students who move into your district/school after 1/31/19 will not receive pre-ID labels and will need to complete a paper registration by penciling in their information on the answer sheet cover pages.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns in regards to accessing the NEO eMPowerME, SAT, and MEA Science reports please contact the Helpdesk at or (207) 624-6896.

Online Bullying Reporting Program Available to Maine Schools Through Optania

Optania has created an online bullying reporting program that is aligned with Maine DOE’s model bullying policy and procedures.

This online program allows students, parents, and others to report allegations of bullying 24/7, with the allegation report (JICK-E1) being sent to pre-determined school staff (ie. principal, assistant principal, school guidance counselor, social worker, superintendent) who will then initiate the investigation procedure using an electronic form (JICK-E2).  The program also includes the remediation form (JICK-E3).  In addition, using artificial intelligence, students can create their own Safety Plan in the moments after reporting an allegation of bullying so they don’t have to wait until the next school day when they can meet with a school staff member.

To learn more about Optania:

Sessions are 30 minutes in length and will give an in-depth overview of Optania and allow time for questions and comments. Click on the calendar link on a day and time that works for your schedule.

Further questions or information about future webinars and trainings can be sent to Sarah Adkins, Student Assistance Coordinator or by calling her at 207-624-6685


Server Outage Delays 1% Support Webinar

The 1% Support Webinar for Districts over the 1% identification of students participating in alternate assessments was canceled yesterday, January 9, 2019, due to a server outage in the video conferencing tool, Zoom, that is used by the Department.

This webinar has been rescheduled for Wednesday, January 16th at 2:00pm.  All districts are welcome to join.  The “Join ZOOM” meeting information to participate in the meeting remains the same:

Jan 16, 2019 2:00 PM – Join Zoom Meeting

Further questions can be sent to Sue Nay, Alternate Assessment & WIDA ACCESS Coordinator for the Maine Department of Education at (207-624-6774)


Read to ME Challenge Set to Kick-off in February

Year 4 of the Read to ME Challenge is scheduled to begin at the beginning of February. This simple but powerful campaign challenges adults to read to children for 15 minutes, to capture that reading episode via a photo, and then post it on social media to challenge others to do the same.  The Read to ME Challenge will run for the month leading up to Read Across America Day on March 2, 2019.

If your organization is willing and able to promote the Read to ME Challenge, please follow this link to provide us with your contact information: Read to ME Challenge Partner 2019. Read to ME Challenge resources, including a guidance document, public service announcements in a variety of languages, fliers and a list of engaging ways to incorporate the challenge are available on the Read to ME webpage.

Reading aloud to children is one of the most cost effective and highly beneficial methods of building children’s literate abilities. The simple act of reading aloud to a child 15 minutes a day for five years results in 27,375 minutes of language exposure which can put children on the path to high literacy achievement.  Reading aloud exposes children to the world around them, helps them see reading as an enjoyable and valuable activity and often strengthens bonds with trusted adults.

Schools and organizations are invited to join the challenge and to encourage community members to do the same. The collective voice of many key partners, leaders and those in respected positions will send a clear message about the vital importance reading to children plays in the social and economic well-being of Maine.   Maine DOE also encourages partners to be creative and to use this opportunity to enhance ongoing literacy education outreach efforts.

Thanks for your consideration of this opportunity, and don’t hesitate to contact  (624-6702) with any questions.