Student Opportunity: NASA Day Event

This event is being hosted by Fiber Materials Inc.

AUGUST 24, 2021* | 9:45am – 1:30pm

Are you a high school junior or senior involved in STEM? Are you thinking about a career in manufacturing? Ever dreamed of becoming an Engineer or working in the Aerospace industry? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we’d like to invite you to be a guest at our NASA Day event.

The day will include a chance to hear from Spirit AeroSystems executives, spend time with some of our Engineers, hear a presentation from Lori Glaze, Director of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate’s Science Division, and enjoy a great lunch!

Fill out the registration form and submit to by August 6th. We will pick 10 students to join us for the big event. Selections will be made by August 13th.

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*Please note that participants must commit to the entire event.

CTE Summer Camps Offer Safe, Hands-on Learning to Middle Schoolers

Middle School Career and Technical Education (MS-CTE) summer camps are keeping it cool this summer! There are currently nine Career and Technical Education (CTE) schools across Maine that are hosting summer camps specifically for middle school aged students this year as part of an on-going effort to bring career and technical education opportunities to students at the middle school level.

Students participating in these excellent summer programs are exploring careers, participating in hands on experiences in culinary arts, media technology, automotive, engineering, welding and carpentry, just to name a few. The MS-CTE camp experiences are offered either for one or two weeks for two to five days per week. Maine’s CTE instructors are enjoying the opportunity to share many career options available in Maine to middle school aged students, a younger audience than the traditional high school age of students that attend CTE schools throughout the school year.

Students, too, are excited about the opportunity to spend a few weeks of the summer learning about career options and engaging in hands-on learning opportunities. “I am the happiest girl in the world right now,” said one of the students currently participating in a MS-CTE summer camp.

There are 21 CTE schools across Maine that are piloting MS-CTE programs which have allowed students to experience career options through hands on activities. The pilots have ranged from in-school programming, online career exploration, mentorships as well as the camp experiences currently taking place this summer. All programs offer a hands on component and a career exploration element as required by the standards.  

Check out this recent Portland Press Herald news article highlighting this excellent work: Summer camps build on effort to extend vocational programs to middle schoolers.

For more information about Maine’s MS-CTE programs, visit the MS-CTE website at or contact the Middle School CTE Specialist Margaret Harvey at    

Virtual Workshop for Teachers: Middle School Science & Engineering Fair

The below opportunity is being hosted by the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance.

When: Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Where: Online (Interactive)
Benefits: Participation stipend, Subscription to Science News
Registration Deadline: May 28, 2021
FMI, ContactStefany Burrell

Did you know that Maine has a science fair for grades 6-8? The Maine State Middle School Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) provides youth with a chance to share their independent STEM projects with judges and their peers. The event encourages students to explore their own area of interest, engage in authentic science and engineering practices, and hone their science communication skills.

Late each spring, the MSSEF welcomes middle schoolers from around the state to present their work in a supportive environment. Students can work alone or in teams of 2-3. There is practically no limit to the topics a student can pursue. If it falls somewhere in the realm of science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM), it fits within the mission of the MSSEF!

As a middle school teacher, you may love the idea of giving your students this opportunity. But how do you start? Join us on Wednesday, June 23 to learn how. We will convene an interactive Zoom session where you’ll learn some tips for getting your students started on their projects and take away some activities to help them make the most of their independent work.

The top 10% of our state’s projects are invited to participate in the national Broadcom MASTERS competition. Although the prestige of winning is reserved for a handful of projects, all students who participate learn invaluable STEM and 21st century skills. Because the MSSEF is affiliated with the MASTERS competition, the Broadcom Foundation has provided MMSA with a grant to pay stipends to teachers who attend this training.

Learn more and register here:


Four Middle School Students Honored in Statewide Science & Engineering Fair

The Middle School Science & Engineering Fair announced its winners on recently in a livestreamed awards ceremony. Approximately 40 middle school students from Maine submitted projects to the fair, and four projects were recognized:

Lemelson Young Inventors Award ($100)

  • Ian Blackwell and Nik Horton – James F. Doughty School, Bangor
    Ian and Nik’s project was entitled “Nanocellulose and sawdust particle boards”

Grand Awards:

  • 1st Place – Adriana Rogow – Falmouth Middle School
    Adriana’s project was entitled, “Insta-depressed?: the effects of social media on middle school students”
  • 2nd Place – Grace Muffett – James F. Doughty School, Bangor
    Grace’s project was entitled, “Can Tardigrades Survive a High Altitude Balloon Flight?”
  • 3rd Place – Alex Busco – James F. Doughty School, Bangor
    Alex’s project was entitled, “Microplastics in Bottled Water: Searching for a Common Correlation Between Bottle Size and Microplastic Concentration”

These three grand award winners will represent Maine in the Broadcom MASTERS competition.

For more information about the Maine State Middle School Science & Engineering Fair visit or sign up for a virtual workshop hosted by Maine Mathematics & Science Alliance is running in June for teachers interested in learning more about the Middle School Science & Engineering Fair. Learn more or register here.


STEM and Social Studies Virtual Study Tours to Germany this Summer

The Transatlantic Outreach Program (TOP) is hosting STEM and Social Studies virtual study tours to Germany this summer:

  • STEM Virtual Study Tour: June 8 – July 1, 2021
  • Social Studies Virtual Study Tour: July 6 – July 29, 2021

On each 4-week virtual tour, participants can immerse themselves in current topics relevant for both Germany and the U.S./Canada, meet experts and educators from across the Atlantic, and connect with other North American educators, including TOP Alumni.

  • Learn about a variety of topics relevant to both contemporary Germany and the U.S./Canada.
  • Engage in exchange and dialogue with German educators and experts.
  • Discover and be trained on digital teaching tools to use in the classroom.
  • Create a lesson plan or project on contemporary Germany to use during the upcoming school year.
  • Build connections with other educators across the U.S., Canada, and Germany.

All meetings will be held in English and can be attended live on Zoom or viewed as a recording at a later time.

Participants can join the tours casually, as time permits, or register to take the virtual study tour as a professional development course for graduate credits.

Learn More & Register.

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