Clarification of the Process for Addressing Complaints of Discrimination

The Maine Department of Education would like to clarify the process for addressing complaints of discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. 2000d et seq. requires that schools communicate with families in their primary language as much as possible regarding academic, extracurricular, and family engagement activities. Schools are also required to provide students who are English learners (ELs) with an effective language support program that:

  • is evidence-based;
  • is regularly evaluated and modified as needed;
  • enables ELs to meaningfully access grade-level curricula while acquiring English;
  • is designed and implemented by qualified, ESOL-endorsed staff;
  • does not unnecessarily separate ELs from their non-EL peers;
  • does not place ELs in a facility below the standard provided to their non-EL peers; and
  • does not provide ELs with educational materials below the standard provided to their non-EL peers.

The US Department of Justice and the US Department of Education have issued guidance for schools and families regarding Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Requirements for schools to provide translation/interpretation are described in this notice: Information for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Parents and Guardians and for Schools and School Districts that Communicate with Them. The January 7, 2015 Dear Colleague Letter outlines an EL’s educational rights.

To file a discrimination complaint, contact the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights. A complaint may be submitted online or by downloading the complaint form and submitting it by mail or email. For more information and access to the online form and pdf, go to

If you have questions about this notice, please contact:

April Perkins
Director of ESOL/Bilingual Programs & Title III
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
Office: (207)624-6627
Cell: (207)441-9043

Further Work Permit Application Revisions

The Maine Department of Labor’s (MDOL) State of Maine Work Permit application has been revised as of 07/19/18. This additional change, since the most recent update about the work permit process, was necessary in order to protect certain Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  In addition to this change, a second document must now be submitted along with the Work Permit. This second form is an Age Verification Form.  The Age Verification Form must be submitted to MDOL by one of the following methods only:

With the final changes to the permit application itself, the new version, which is absent any PII, may be sent by email (if sent by itself), or it can be included in a secure manner using the same process for and along with the new Age Verification Form.  It is important that your issuing officers support use of the new Work Permit Application and Age Verification forms, using the aforementioned modes of dissemination for managing each of the documents.

MDOL is committed to serving the citizens of Maine at the highest level and will continue to seek ways to streamline this process. We are confident that these additional efforts will ensure the safe transmission of this sensitive information and thank you for your assistance in the process.

Here are the links to the new documents:

If you have any questions regarding Work Permits or this new process, please call Rachel Bowler at 207-623-7930.

Important Work Permit Process Updates

Dear Superintendents and all designated minor work permit issuing officers:

In an effort to best protect data considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII), the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Bureau of Labor Standards is making slight adjustments to the work permit process effective immediately:

Do not include the following information sent to the Bureau of Labor Standards:

  • Birth certificate
  • Social security numbers
  • Date of birth or place of birth

Your review and validation of ‘proof of age’ documentation provided by the minor meets the statutory requirements of the work permit process and eliminates the potential exposure of sensitive information in unsecured environments, like email.

Additionally, Maine DOL has revised the work permit form to eliminate the birth date and place of birth.  In place of those fields, we have added an ‘age’ line for you or your designee to provide to us as part of the validation process.  Here is a link to the updated work permit form.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in ensuring a safe and efficient work permit process.

For more information and/or clarification of the role of the superintendents and/or designees in processing Maine minor work permits, it is clearly defined in Maine Revised Statue on work permits (paragraph three).

Maine DOE Switching to a New Website

The Maine Department of Education will be switching to a new website over the course of the summer months. It is expected that the new website will be live and functioning in the month of August.

The new website will replace the current website found at and will have a similar look and feel. Changes include an improved menu structure, a better search function, a more user-friendly interface, and a content management system which will allow the Department to keep content updated in a timelier fashion.

Please note that in making this switch, some of the current links may change. Those who have bookmarked links to the Department’s website may need resave their bookmarks when the new website is released. During the transition, the Department will make every effort to maintain open lines of communication to ensure that the field can find information on the new website. In addition, the A to Z index will in remain in place as an added tool for finding information.

For further questions, please contact Maine DOE Communications Director Rachel Paling at

Maine DOE Partners with National Retail Foundation and Retail Association of Maine to Provide RISE Up Retail Training

The National Retail Foundation, the Maine Department of Education’s Adult Education program, and the Retail Association of Maine are partnering in the creation of a RISE Up training  program for Maine adults seeking retail training and certification.

The program will begin in Maine with a pilot group of young adults between the ages of 18 and 22 in Kittery, but the Maine DOE has plans to replicate this program across the state later this year, and the training is designed to be accessible to participants of all backgrounds, economic means, ages, and education.

The RISE Up program, which was launched nationwide by the NRF in January of 2017 and has since trained and certified over 26,000 participants, will provide training for three workforce skills credentials. This includes the Retail Industry Fundamentals credential, which prepares participants for a variety entry-level retail associate positions by training them in related skills, ranging from retail tools and technology to interview skills.

More information on the program and the credentials it offers can be found on the Maine Retail Foundation’s website.