Important Information Regarding Lapsed Certificates

Please note that we have just reached the 6-month threshold for all certificates that expired on July 1, 2018.  This means that any educator who has not yet applied for renewal is now considered lapsed and will need to submit an initial paper application. These educators will now appear on the Superintendent’s violation list if they are currently employed.  If the support chairs had verified their renewal requirements, that verification is now null and void.  New applications submitted by the educators will need to include all contact hours and/or semester hours needed for renewal.  Because there is a lapse in certificate, these educators will now also need to be re-fingerprinted with IdentToGo before their certificates can be issued.

Ed Tech renewals that expire on February 1, 2019 will need to be done through the online certification system, Maine Educator Information System (MEIS) portal. For anyone who has not yet created an online account, please do so as soon as possible. Step by step instructions on how to create an account and apply for renewal can be found here:

District Support Chairs – Teachers (and Ed Techs if applicable) will appear on your renewal verification list 6 months prior to their expiration date. Once you verify they have completed renewal requirements, teachers are welcome to complete their online renewal.  If a teacher renews early, the new certificate will not begin until the current one expires.

As a reminder, only renewal applications are being submitted through the MEIS system. For new certificates, new endorsements, or certificates that have lapsed, paper applications need to be mailed to or dropped off at the certification office.

The certification office will be posting updates on their home page as well as on Facebook, Twitter, and in the DOE newsroom.