MaineCare Seed payment adjustments, report review

The December subsidy checks for General Purpose Aid for Local Schools will reflect additional adjustments for MaineCare Seed payments paid by the Maine DOE on behalf of school administrative units (SAUs) for the following:

  • Quarter 4 adjustments
  • Corrections to Quarter 3 adjustments

Detailed student reports for Quarter 4 are now available in Infinite Campus (State Edition). Instructions for accessing MaineCare Seed Payment Reports in Infinite Campus are available at

Additionally, updated 2013-14 State subsidy printouts (ED279s) are available at

To ensure accurate adjustments to subsidy, SAU staff must review student-by-student reports, for Quarter 4, and report any issues on these reports no later than Jan. 17.  Please direct all questions regarding these reports to the email address

If you disagree that a particular student or time period should be on the report, please include the following:

  • Student’s State Student ID
  • Service Provided Dates (To and From)
  • If you disagree that a particular student or time period should be on the report, please provide the reason that you disagree along with supporting evidence. Should this inquiry result in a change to the subsidy adjustment, the revision will be reflected in later monthly subsidy checks.

Summer services:  We have found that a number of students are provided services during the summer. If the student was a resident of your SAU during those months, your SAU is still fiscally responsible for the MaineCare Seed as this is considered an extended school year for these students. Students in extended school years should be enrolled during these periods to ensure accurate adjustments.

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