Team Long Run Provides Free Programs to Keep Kids Physically Active all Summer

Giving kids a running start - girl running

Team Long Run, a non-profit organization that supports active play for kids, has a series of free programs they have developed and are distributing to schools, community organizations, and families who are trying to help kids stay active and fit during a time when many summer programs have been disrupted by COVID-19.

Getting Started Running Program – is a free, online training program made for kids 12 and up. It’s designed by Team Long Run founder Chuck Wilcoxen, who has 18 years of experience coaching running at the university level and holds Olympic-level certifications from the IAAF and USATF. The program features daily videos which outline the exercises for the day, and lasts for 8 weeks. The program can be accessed here. This program also comes with a series of printable worksheets available on the Team Long Run website.

Active Play for Any Age – a series of videos, in which Chuck and some of Team Long Run’s participants demonstrate activities that are perfect for the younger crowd. The program can be accessed here.

Thank you to schools, educators and anyone who can help spread the word about these no-cost options for keeping kids physically active while they stay physically distanced this summer.

For further questions about Team Long Run or these programs, please visit or contact Hilary Harper-Wilcoxen, Director of Mission Advancement, Team Long Run at