From Merrymeeting Adult Education to Yale University – How One Maine Student Found Her Own Path

Alyssa Diver

“In middle and high school, I bounced around school-to-school missing many classes from being sick,” said Alyssa Diver, a former student of Merrymeeting Adult Education Program. When Alyssa’s senior year arrived, she realized that she would not be able to graduate with the credits she had accrued in high school. Eventually she went to Merrymeeting Adult Education Program in Topsham to try and find an alternative path.

After talking with Merrymeeting staff member Paul Elisha and doing some testing, Alyssa decided her best course was to get a GED (General Educational Development).  After achieving her goal, Alyssa applied to the University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) for a degree in Biology.

“I wanted to go into the medical field but was unsure of exactly what profession,” said Alyssa. During the end of her freshman year at UMA, Alyssa decided to become a Physician’s Assistant (PA). She got thoroughly involved in UMA’s biology club, and aging forward initiative, and diligently worked toward a Bachelor of Arts in Biology, which she achieved in 2018.

“During the spring of 2018 I learned of a new Physician Assistant(PA) program, Yale Online PA Program and applied,” said Alyssa. “I thought applying, and interviewing there would be great practice for my future PA school interviews.”  As Alyssa began applying to other PA programs, not thinking she would have a chance at getting into such a prestigious school, she got a phone a call that brought it all to a halt. She was accepted to the Yale Program.

Alyssa Diver“In January 2019, I began the most rigorous and intense two and a half years I had ever experienced,” said Alyssa. She has since graduated and taken her exam to officially become a PA. This summer Alyssa’s dream of becoming a PA became a reality when she started working in urgent care right here in Maine.

“Fall of 2013, I was an anxious young girl who did not think I would even be able to get a GED,” recalls Alyssa. “Fast forward 8 years. Through help, determination, and never giving up, I am now a Physician Assistant who loves to help my patients and make an impact in my community.”