Invitation to a Conceptual Conversation Regarding Adult Education Rule Chapters 221, 225, 229

Since 1979, Rule Chapters 221, 225, and 229 have outlined the processes by which high school equivalency credentials are conferred to Adult Education students. Much has changed since 1979, therefore, the Maine Department of Education (DOE) is working on updating Rule Chapters 221, 225, and 229. 

The Department intends to take the following steps with respect to review of these rules:  

  • Rule Chapter 221 – Adult Education Administrative Cost Reimbursement 
  • Rule Chapter 225 – Adult High School Completion Programs 
  • Rule Chapter 229 – Adult Education Fees 

We will hold three regional meetings focused on ideas and goals relating to Adult Education regulations in a general sense. These meetings will be held across the state and will have Zoom links available for regional folks who are unable to attend in person. Stakeholders are invited to attend and provide input. These conversations will be facilitated by Maine DOE Director for Adult Education Megan Dichter, along with the Maine DOE rulemaking liaison Laura Cyr. Other Maine DOE members may join the conversations as their schedules allow. These conversations will be guided by the following discussion prompts. 

  1. What does high-quality Adult Education look like? 
  2. What aspects of Chapter 225 present barriers to delivering high-quality Adult Education programs leading to high school completion? 
  3. What aspects of Chapter 225 support the delivery of high-quality Adult Education programs leading to high school completion? 
  4. As Adult Education continues to expand collaboration with high schools, post-secondary institutions and industry partners, does Chapter 225 support or hinder these collaborations?
  5. How does Chapter 225 align with current instructional practices related to high school completion? 
  6. Does your Adult Ed Program accept external credit? If so, does Chapter 225 reflect your experience? 
  7. Are there challenges with Chapter 225 that impact program delivery leading to high school completion?  
  8. Do the categories in Chapter 221 adequately cover administrative costs for adult education programming?  
  9. Does Chapter 229 adequately describe the ways in which your program collects and utilizes fees? 

Dates and locations for these conversations are as follows:  

  • Monday, July 24th (3pm-5pm) Presque Isle Adult Education, 79 Blake Street, Suite 2, Presque Isle; Zoom Link 
  • Wednesday, August 16th (3pm,-5pm) Kennebec Valley Community College, 92 Western Avenue, King Hall, Lower Campus Center, Fairfield; Zoom Link  
  • Tuesday, August 22nd (3pm-5pm) Biddeford High School Library, 10-20 Maplewood Ave , Biddeford; Zoom Link 

Taking into consideration the insights gained from these discussions, the DOE will propose updates to Rule Chapters 221, 225, and 229 and begin the Maine Administrative Procedures Act (A.P.A.) routine technical rule process pursuant to Title 5 MRS §8052 (public notice of filing, public hearing, open public comment period). Once the proposed rules have been filed, the public will be notified of the scheduled public hearing and comment period.  This will be an opportunity to provide written and oral comments regarding the proposed rules. The DOE will review all comments and respond accordingly.  Updates to the rules will then be submitted for review as to form and legality before final adoption.    

For more information about the conceptual conversations for Rule Chapters 221, 225, or 229, contact Laura Cyr at