Bowen touts Maine’s Race to the Top plan

Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen touted Maine’s recently submitted Race to the Top – Early Learning Challenge in an op ed in today’s Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinel.

Bowen called the plan ambitious and achievable. If implemented, he said, the Race to the Top plan would lead to more of Maine’s high-needs children gaining access to high-quality educational experiences before they reach age 5. After all, the research shows that 85 percent of brain development occurs in a child’s first five years.

Click here to read Commissioner Bowen’s op ed in today’s Kennebec Journal.

2 thoughts on “Bowen touts Maine’s Race to the Top plan

  1. Dick, thanks for the comment. While our mission certainly is educating kids, we are bound by copyright laws, which generally do not allow us to reprint articles from other publications in their entirety.

  2. Although I guess it is one way of doing things, I certainly find it odd to follow a DOE email link to the DOE website to get news of what is going on with/within the Department, only to be directed to a Newspapers website!
    One might expect information to be posted here rather that being directed “off-site” to find information?
    Are we educating kids or selling newspapers?

    Just my 2 sense…

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