Rule Change Adoption: Chapter 61, Rules for Major Capital School Construction Projects

The revised Rules for Major Capital School Construction Projects, Chapter 61, have been filed with the Secretary of State and will go into effect on Aug. 17.

Chapter 61 governs the expenditure of millions of Maine taxpayers’ dollars in support of safe and effective schools that support the demands of 21st century education. Extensive needs for improved education facilities across the State make it imperative that the rules be kept clear, current and supportive of the State’s education goals. The Department and the Construction Committee of the State Board of Education have worked jointly on the modifications to Chapter 61.

The amendments to Chapter 61, which is a State Board of Education rule, make no significant changes. The modifications strictly clarify and bring consistency to the rule. The existing rule has been modified many times over the years by State Board members and DOE staff, and a thorough review was now necessary.

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