Rule Change Adoption: Chapter 13, Qualifying Examinations for Teachers, Educational Specialists and Administrators

The revised Rule for Qualifying Examinations for Teachers, Educational Specialists and Administrators, Chapter 13, is now effective.

The changes to Chapter 13 stem from the regular regeneration (revision) process employed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Each Praxis exam undergoes regeneration every five years. ETS conducts a multi-state standard setting study designed to assemble two separate groups of current practitioners who work for two to three days to review the validity and reliability of the test being regenerated. The end result is a recommended cut-off score that is deemed appropriate for the just qualified candidate (JQC). Several of the tests required by the Maine DOE were recently regenerated, so Chapter 13 was updated to reflect these changes.

Changes to Chapter 13 include new test codes, new test titles, recommended cut-off scores and language to allow old tests no longer being administered to be used for up to five years, after which time only the new tests will be accepted.

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