New changes start in September to DOE reimbursement system

The GEM reimbursement system has undergone several recent changes to help strengthen monitoring procedures designed to ensure compliance with federal sub-recipient monitoring requirements.

Starting in early September, Maine school administrative units and other educational organizations that receive federal education funds will be subject to new monitoring procedures in the GEM reimbursement system that may require the uploading of supporting documentation when submitting a reimbursement request.

Not all reimbursement requests will be required to upload supporting documentation. The Department has created random and manual indicators that will trigger the upload. Once the reimbursement request is received, the appropriate Department staff will review the documents to verify allowability and period of availability under federal and State regulations, rules and laws before approving the reimbursement for payment.

Sub-recipients may experience a small delay in payment of funds due to the new procedure. The delay can be the result of insufficient documentation, incorrect reimbursement request or the need for further verification procedures. Guidance will be available electronically in the GEM reimbursement system to help sub-recipients upload the correct supporting documentation, and Department staff is available to provide technical assistance whenever needed.

September will be the pilot of these new monitoring procedures. Sub-recipients may experience some changes to the GEM reimbursement system as deficiencies and opportunities to strengthen sub-recipient monitoring become apparent.

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  • Heather Neal
    Fiscal Review and Compliance Team Supervisor
    Maine Department of Education

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