Department reintroduces Administrative Letters

To better serve districts the Maine DOE is reintroducing Administrative Letters as an official form of communication. Administrative Letters represent the view or position of the Department and provide guidance and interpretation of new or existing laws and regulations and policies.

Administrative letters will be delivered by the Department electronically and will also be published in the Department’s Newsroom under the News & Views tab. Each will be assigned a number and an NSBA policy code to assist in research and retention. Superintendents and other parties as appropriate are responsible for complying with the forms, instructions and deadlines contained therein.

Please contact the Department’s Jaci Holmes at or 624-6669 with any questions.

3 thoughts on “Department reintroduces Administrative Letters

  1. Hi Linda, Administrative Letters began many years ago and were stopped as part of an effort to minimize and streamline communication with the field. They have now been reintroduced because the Department views them as a critical tool is its effort to communicate significant changes in law or regulation to the field, as well as to be unambiguous and transparent about its policy positions on major initiatives.

  2. Thank you for a useful tool. As a private school Administrator, only working 3 days a week, I am appreciative of anything that may help me stay current in a timely fashion.

  3. This seems useful. What is the history of the Administrative Letters? When were they first introduced? Why did they stop? What’s prompted their continuation? Context would be incredibly helpful for announcements such as this. Thank you.

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