FY 2018 Gifted and Talented program application now available

The FY2018 annual gifted and talented program and budget approval application is now available on the Maine DOE webite. The deadline for submission is Sept. 30, 2017. All school administrative units (SAU) are required to complete a renewal application, initial application, or waiver request.

Detailed instructions, the renewal application, the initial application, and a waiver request are available on the Department’s Gifted and Talented website.

Gifted and talented educational programs serve students who excel or demonstrate the potential to excel beyond their peers in terms of general intellectual ability, a specific academic aptitude or artistic ability. The Department requires schools identify and service gifted and talented students. A comprehensive, K-12 gifted and talented program ensures such students are provided with challenging curriculum commensurate with their abilities.

As a reminder, gifted and talented programs approved during FY2018 are for FY2020 funding.

If you have questions about the forms, please contact Maine DOE’s School Finance Coordinator Ida Batista at gt.doe@maine.gov or 624-6795.