MEDIA RELEASE: Christopher Howell Named 2022 Maine Superintendent of the Year

Chris Howell

The Maine Department of Education (DOE), along with Maine School Superintendent’s Association (MSSA) is thrilled to announce that Maine’s 2022 Superintendent of the Year is Christopher Howell, Superintendent of Schools for RSU 14.

Without question, Chris Howell leads his district with the highest level of integrity, educational vision, and organizational understanding. He exudes kindness and a calm, centered approach, characteristics that have served to create a remarkably healthy climate and culture across all schools and programs he works with. By fostering and strengthening positive relationships with town officials and outside organizations, his role as a school leader is far reaching and supportive of healthy communities where all can thrive.

Howell is at the forefront of all district initiatives, enabling his deep understanding of school finance, policies, curriculum, strategic planning, facilities, general operations, negotiations, and supervision and evaluation to guide the work. His unique and centered style serves to elevate other leaders within the organization and community to bring the model of shared decision making to fruition. In his role as superintendent, he has been able to work collaboratively with colleagues and local officials to advance critically important work that will have positive and lasting impacts for thousands of learners. From essential conversations around social emotional learning, equity, and social justice, to focusing on the design of a new middle school for 21st century learners, Howell’s leadership approach is highly inclusive, thought provoking, and deeply reflective. His colleagues describe him as a true servant leader.

Howell is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine where he received a BA in Biology, and a master’s in teaching and Learning. He is married to his wife Nicole and together they have three sons: Caleb, Aaron, and Nate.