Priority Notice: Back to School Backpack of Resources Launched

Happy back to school! The Maine Department of Education has put together a virtual Back to School Backpack of resources and information to assist school and School Administrative Unit (SAU) leaders as a new school year begins. The Backpack contains resources related to school and student supports, health and safety, school nutrition, school administration and operations, teaching and learning supports, and strengthening the education workforce. You can access the DOE’s Back to School Backpack here.

You’ll find links to forms and information schools often need at the start of a new school year, resources that educators can use in the classroom, instructional supports and programs, and much more. The Backpack also includes links to the DOE’s updated COVID-19 toolkit and the U.S. CDC’s updated COVID-19 guidance for schools.

We wish you a wonderful back to school and a new school year filled with excitement, learning, connection, and joy. Thank you for everything that you do for Maine schools and students.