World of Early Learning Newsletter Launches

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The Early Learning team at the Maine Department of Education (DOE) in collaboration with colleagues from across offices are excited to release the first World of Early Learning Newsletter. 

This publication will provide content related to an early learning topic as well as updates from the DOE, links to additional resources, and upcoming professional learning opportunities. Volume one, issue one focuses on starting the year off strong and setting up for success. Readers will also find links to our recent presentation at the Educator Summit and to a brochure highlighting resources on the importance of relationship building. 

Each issue will include a link to provide us with feedback. Tell us what you need for information or resources, share an idea or a great story about your class and experience! 

Those interested can expect this delivery once every two months. Volume one, issue one is now available here. Volume one issue two will be released on or around October 17, 2022. 

The World of Early Learning Newsletter can be accessed by subscribing through the DOE Newsroom here. Each issue, along with other important updates, will be sent directly to your email. You can unsubscribe or update your preferences at any time. If you already subscribe to DOE news and updates, then be sure to select the World of Early Learning Newsletter by entering your information on the link above and following prompts to update your preferences. 

Additionally, each newsletter will be linked on our DOE Early Learning website here. For more information about the newsletter, contact Nicole Madore at