Maine DOE Update – September 15, 2023

From the Maine Department of Education

Reporting Items

Reports Open Soon: Fall Reports – October 1 Enrollment, Dropout, and Quarterly Reports

Fall reports will be opening soon. All reports require review, validation and/or certification by superintendents. |  More

Webinar: October 1 Enrollment (EPS Student Count) – September 26, 2023

Join the Data Team for information about the October 1 Student Enrollment report. The data from this report is part of determining state funding allocations to SAUs. |  More

Webinar: Dropout Reporting – September 19, 2023

Join the Maine DOE Data Team for a webinar about dropout reporting. This report defines dropouts based on the federal requirements meeting all three of the following criteria: students enrolled at any time from 10/1/2022-9/30/2023, who are exited with a code that is expected to return, and are not enrolled on 10/1/2023. |  More

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News & Updates

71 Maine Schools Begin BARR Model Implementation to Increase Student and Staff Wellbeing and Increase Academic Achievement

As the new school year begins, 71 schools across Maine launched their first year of implementing the BARR (Building Assets, Reducing Risks) model with students and staff. The Maine Department of Education (DOE) invested $10 million in federal emergency relief funds to provide access to the BARR model for Maine schools. BARR is a research-backed model focused on strengthening relationships, reducing high-risk student behavior, and improving academic achievement. |  More

Maine Department of Education Releases Climate Education Professional Development Grant to Promote Climate Education in Maine Schools

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) is excited to launch a new climate education professional development pilot grant opportunity to support the growth of climate education throughout the state and most especially in underserved communities. This grant initiative was designed out of LD 1902 which passed in the spring of 2022. This grant initiative is designed first and foremost to support teachers and schools. Climate change content and pedagogy can be challenging to approach for many different reasons. It can be a new area for teachers, a subject matter that is challenging to navigate in a school’s community, and an area of education where teachers and schools just don’t know where to get started. |  More

Maine DOE Staff Recognized During Recent Red Sox vs. Dodgers Game at Fenway Park

Maine DOE’s Amelia Lyons Rukema, a Monster Finalist in the Wasabi Fenway Bowl Educators of New England Award, recently participated in the pregame ceremony for the Red Sox vs. Dodgers game at Fenway Park. Amelia serves as the McKinney-Vento specialist for the Maine Department of Education and was recognized as one of the three finalists for the award. |  More

Maine Schools Sharing Success Stories

Spruce Mountain High School Envirothon Team Finishes 16th at the Envirothon World Championships

Do you know what a frogsickle is? Can you find the perimeter of a circular 1/250th hectare plot of forest land? Can you interpret LIDAR images to identify landforms? Do you know that manmade salt marshes work more effectively than dykes to protect shorelines from rising sea levels? These are just a few things that Spruce Mountain High School students learned as they competed in the 2023 National Conservation Foundation Envirothon in Tantramar New Brunswick, Canada from July 23rd to the 29th. The team represented Maine well, taking 16th place out of 49 teams at the competition held at Mount Allison University. |  More

UMPI ELO Coordinator Partners with High Schools to Bring Career Opportunities to Both College and High School Students

“It is my job to connect UMPI students with community-based career exploration and paid work experiences outside the classroom,” says Sarah Bushey of her work as the Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) Coordinator at the University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI). Bushey helps UMPI students find mentorships and opportunities at local businesses and organizations. She also works closely with Valerie Waldemarson, JMG Master Specialist at Caribou High School and Allison Reed, Director of Guidance, Presque Isle High School to bring similar, credit-earning opportunities to younger students. |  More

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Professional Development, Training, and Events

Apply Now for Conceptual Classrooms & Educational Programs for Teachers (ConCEPT)

For the past few weeks, the Interdisciplinary Instruction team has been offering informational webinars on “Conceptual Classrooms & Educational Programs for Teachers” (ConCEPT), an innovative approach to enhance your teaching practices and student engagement through concept-based inquiry strategies. If you couldn’t attend the live webinars but would like to learn specifics about the ConCEPT pilot, you can watch the recording on our website. You will also find links to the application and the menu of professional learning opportunities offered in this pilot. |  More

Learning Series: Supporting Children, Families, and Communities to Thrive

Maine’s Department of Education’s (DOE) Early Learning Team and Maine’s Office of Child and Family Services are excited to announce a professional learning opportunity for child care and public-school educators working with children birth-8 years old. This opportunity is funded through Maine’s Preschool Development Renewal Grant. |  More

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