Maine DOE Staff Recognized During Recent Red Sox vs. Dodgers game at Fenway Park

Maine DOE’s Amelia Lyons Rukema, a Monster Finalist in the Wasabi Fenway Bowl Educators of New England Award, recently participated in the pregame ceremony for the Red Sox vs. Dodgers game at Fenway Park. Amelia serves as the McKinney-Vento specialist for the Maine Department of Education and was recognized as one of the three finalists for the award.

The Wasabi Fenway Bowl Honor Roll is a charitable program focused on recognizing and thanking educators who have gone above and beyond to support their students and respective communities. Amelia was awarded $5,000 through this award that she distributed to support local schools in Maine with acquiring basic needs items for their students in temporary living situations.

To see more about this award and McKinney-Vento in Maine, view the video here:

The federal McKinney-Vento Act provides rights and services to children and youth experiencing homelessness, which includes those who are: sharing the housing of others, “doubled up” or couch surfing; staying in motels, trailers, or camp grounds; staying in shelters or transitional housing; or sleeping in cars, parks, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, or similar settings. Students who qualify have specific rights to remain in their same school even if temporarily staying out of district, or to immediately enroll in the new school even if they lack normally required documents like proof of residency.

Every public school district in the country has a McKinney-Vento liaison who is the designated staff person available to identify and support students who qualify. Find yours here.