Survey on educator evaluation implementation

Dear Superintendents,

I am pleased to introduce myself as the Educator Effectiveness Coordinator for the Maine Department of Education. In my first two weeks with the Department, I have gained a broad sense of the status of performance evaluation and professional growth (PE/PG) systems implementation among school administrative units (SAUs) across the state.  I am now seeking to refine my understanding and at the same time develop a mutually-valuable, continuous source of data, information and resources for you.

As you may know, prior to full implementation of your PE/PG system in 2015-16, each district must submit the details of its system for approval. The revised Chapter 180 rule filed with the Secretary of State this week delineates the Submittal Requirements. With the ultimate intent of providing you with checkpoints and guidance along the way to full approval, we have used the Submittal Requirements as a framework for the PE/PG Implementation Survey (PE/PG SIS), which the Department will put out at intervals throughout the implementation period.  At each interval, the survey will serve to:

1) Provide SAU’s with a checklist for implementation that is consistent with Title 20-A, chapter 508 ( LD1858);
2) Provide school leaders with a network for collaboration and sharing of resources; and
3) Provide the Department with data on which to base timely and relevant outreach and support.

As this is the first iteration of the PE/PG SIS, your response to the survey will insure that both the Department and SAUs have an accurate picture of what is going on and what is needed around the state. We realize that implementation status varies widely across the state, and many of you are in the beginning stages of development. No matter your current status, please take a moment to answer the survey questions and provide any additional information that will help us to support you and other SAU’s.

Take the survey here:

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your participation,

Mary Paine, Educator Effectiveness Coordinator
(207) 624-6748 /

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