Department provisionally-adopts educator effectiveness rule

I believe that our Department has done more over the last two years than at any other period in our history to ensure there is an effective educator in every classroom and an effective principal in every building.  Continue reading “Department provisionally-adopts educator effectiveness rule”

Department supports, clarifies MPA evaluation model

A committee of the Maine Principals’ Association (MPA) has developed a model for evaluating the professional practice of principals.  The model was designed to meet the requirements of Maine’s educator effectiveness law and the rule implementing that law (which was provisionally-adopted this month).  Continue reading “Department supports, clarifies MPA evaluation model”

Districts share progress on educator evaluation implementation

In October, the Maine DOE’s Educator Effectiveness Coordinator sent out a survey to assess the status of performance evaluation and professional growth (PE/PG) system implementation across the state. The Department was encouraged to receive responses from about half of the school administrative units (SAUs) in the state, representing all superintendent regions. Continue reading “Districts share progress on educator evaluation implementation”

Survey on educator evaluation implementation

Dear Superintendents,

I am pleased to introduce myself as the Educator Effectiveness Coordinator for the Maine Department of Education. In my first two weeks with the Department, I have gained a broad sense of the status of performance evaluation and professional growth (PE/PG) systems implementation among school administrative units (SAUs) across the state.  I am now seeking to refine my understanding and at the same time develop a mutually-valuable, continuous source of data, information and resources for you. Continue reading “Survey on educator evaluation implementation”