Districts share progress on educator evaluation implementation

In October, the Maine DOE’s Educator Effectiveness Coordinator sent out a survey to assess the status of performance evaluation and professional growth (PE/PG) system implementation across the state. The Department was encouraged to receive responses from about half of the school administrative units (SAUs) in the state, representing all superintendent regions. To those who have taken the time to respond to the survey, we thank you and to those who have not, we encourage you to do so as it will inform the Department’s work moving forward.

The data we have collected so far reveals the following noteworthy trends statewide:

  • The status of implementation ranges from no development to full implementation, with the majority of SAUs reporting they are in the beginning stages of development.
  • Among the 59 percent of SAUs who have already selected a professional practice model (standards, descriptors and rubrics) for teachers, the following Maine DOE-approved sources are named:
    • Marzano – Register and request a PDF.
    • Danielson – Download the framework here.
    • Maine Schools for Excellence (MSFE)/TEPG –The three elements – NBPTS Core Propositions and Indicators and Rubric – that comprise the MSFE Professional Practice Model referenced in the proposed rule may be used independently of the TIF grant and independently of other elements in the MSFE Program.
    • Other Models – SAUs are free to use alternative professional practice models and submit evidence of alignment with InTASC for Maine DOE approval. Some districts are considering the Kim Marshall model and have requested the Department’s assistance in evaluating it for compliance. You can access Kim Marshall’s website here.
  • Forty-seven percent of SAUs have chosen professional practice standards for principals, while the majority are still exploring options.  The development of principal performance evaluation and growth models in the industry and in the field has accelerated in recent months and several sources of models are named by respondents in the survey:
    • National Board Certification for Educational Leaders
    • Other Models – SAUs are free to explore alternative models and submit evidence of alignment with ISLLC  2008 for DOE approval. Below is a list of sources mentioned by respondents:
      •  Maine Principals Association – Access the model here.
      •  Maine Schools for Excellence LEPG model – Core Propositions and Rubric
      • Marzano – View and request fnformation here.
      •  Kim Marshall – Access website here.
  • Nearly 100 percent of respondents report they have taken some steps toward convening a steering committee and/or a stakeholder group, with slightly more than 50 percent reporting fully functioning steering committees.
  • Nearly 40 percent of SAUs report a desire to collaborate with other SAUs in developing a Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth system, especially in the areas of training evaluators and combining multiple measures. A full 40 percent are already collaborating.
  • The four components about which respondents most frequently request information and resources are:
  1. Access to professional practice models (see above resources)
  2. Student learning and growth measures (both as factors and as items)
  3. Methods of combining multiple measures to arrive at a summative rating
  4. Definition of “teacher of record”

In addition to the hard data related to implementation, the open responses we received from many district leaders indicate an overall commitment to thoughtful, meaningful development of PE/PG systems and local control of implementation and management supported by clear State guidelines.

In the coming months, the Maine DOE will continue to provide information and resources which are informed by the data we have collected. Please contact Educator Effectiveness Coordinator Mary Paine directly with any questions.

Reminder:  The deadline for written comments on Proposed Rule, Chapter 180, which establishes the requirements of and procedures for Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth systems, is Monday, Nov.  25. Written comments must be submitted by 5 p.m. that day to Deborah Friedman at deborah.friedman@maine.gov or:

Deborah Friedman
Director, Policy and Programs
Maine Department of Education
23 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0023

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