Districts receive PEPG system development grants

The Maine DOE is proud to report the distribution of 139 grants to school administrative units (SAUs) across the state of $4,600 each to support the development of performance evaluation and professional growth (PEPG) systems. The grant money was available to any school district that submitted their Intent to Pilot survey and submitted the PEPG Grant Application.

The grant funds will be used in a variety of PEPG development areas including training related to teachers and administrators in the professional practice models, student learning and growth measures, student learning objective (SLO) development, summative effectiveness ratings, implementation procedures, and PEPG language development. Other SAUs report plans to use the funds to help record and track their observation and evaluation data as part of their PEPG system.

The Department is currently in the process of reaching out to SAUs that did not pursue the grant monies by Oct. 15, to provide districts with technical assistance and guidance with compliance of Rule Chapter 180.

As part of the implementation of Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth systems, Rule Chapter 180 and Maine Statute Title 20-A, Chapter 508 require that SAUs begin implementation of their PEPG systems in the 2016-17 school year.

Maine DOE recognizes the hard work and effort each district is making in order to satisfy the law and will continue to offer support and guidance in PEPG system development.

For more information, contact Maine DOE’s Educator Effectiveness Coordinator Charles Lomonte at charles.lomonte@maine.gov.

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