Need Superintendent verification of district staff for new Student Information System

As the State finalizes its plans to move to the new Student Information System (SIS), Synergy, we are seeking information from Superintendents about exactly who needs to have access to the final production model.

Several district staff members have signed up for Maine DOE training sessions to learn the new system. For security purposes, we need to verify which district staff members should have access beyond the training site. Once we are ready to move into production, all training accounts will end. We will systematically be adding an account for each Superintendent and for the person listed in NEO contacts as your data specialist. Access will not be given to additional staff members unless the request comes directly from Superintendents via email.

Superintendents, please email with the following information for each person:

Staff member first and last name:
Staff member email address:
Please specify if they should have read only access or update access

Maine DOE will contact each person with their log in credentials. In the future, we will have an access form much like what we have for NEO.

As an update, members attending the trainings will receive access to a training site with their district information. Access to the final product will be available the second week of August.

During the week of August 1 to August 7, districts will not be able to get new student IDs.

If you have any questions, please contact Charlotte Ellis or Shannon Bartash