Synergy training dates and registration for special education and CTE

The Maine DOE is offering Synergy training dates for Special Purpose Private Schools (SPPS) and Regional Programs, and for Career and Technical Education (CTE). Dates and registration information are provided below in two focused half day sessions.

In these sessions, participants will learn how to use Synergy DOE to upload student data required by the State of Maine. In addition, participants will learn how to use Synergy DOE to enter and validate student data that is not included in the upload process.

After completing this session, participants will understand how to perform uploads and will be able to:

* Log in to Synergy and navigate the interface
* Use and understand Synergy concepts and terminology
* Change Focus to view other years/schools
* Create personal Navigation Menus
* View existing student information
* Create upload for concurrent enrollments
* Create upload for program enrollments
* Find a single student or multiple students
* Enter and modify student data
* Upload Quarterly Attendance
* Upload Behavior Information
* Enter Truancy information
* Use a Matrix to print student information or export student information to other desktop programs
* Create student filters
* Create Graph information
* Preview and Print common reports
* Save report settings
* Make corrections/additions on existing records

In addition to the two dates, the session will shared via Zoom so attendants can log in.

***August 14 – For Special Purpose Private Schools (SPPS) and Regional Programs Only***

SPPS Registration

***August 16 – For Career and Technical Education Programs (CTE) Only***

CTE Registration

23 State House Station
Room 103
Augusta, Maine



If you have any questions please contact Shannon Bartash, Data Systems Helpdesk Manager for the Maine Department of Education at 207.624.6799 or