Register for Second Annual Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) Conference

The Maine Department of Education is proud to partner with Jobs for Maine Grads (JMG) on the Second Annual Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) Conference. This is a 2-night, 3-day intensive designed to equip educators with the skills and facilitated planning time to build or expand quality ELO programming for Maine students. Come and go as needed.

August 14-16
University of Maine at Orono

Session Leaders from all over Maine and New Hampshire will focus on topics such as:

  • Maine DOE Listening Session
  • Supporting ESOL Students
  • ELOs & Special Education
  • Apprenticeships
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Strategies for Engaging School-Based Colleagues in the Administration of ELOs
  • Leveraging ELOs to Attain Industry-Recognized Credentials
  • Various Sessions on Community Partnerships
  • ELO Data & Building presentations for School Boards
  • Aligning ELOs to college credit
  • Administrators and ELO
  • School Counselors and ELO
  • Teachers and ELO
  • Establishing a Program
  • LMS session: What the LMS can do for you?
  • Designing a Group ELO
  • Skill-Builders and Scaffolding
  • Examples Sessions on Passion Projects, Core Credit ELOs
  • Statewide Capacity/Structure
  • Maine DOE: Recognizing Credit-Bearing ELOs
  • Mini-ELOs: Stackable Learning
  • Can We? Project
  • The ELO Approach: Redefining How We Think About Curriculum Delivery
  • Maine DOE: ELOs & The Whole Student Approach

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