Comments Policy

The Maine Department of Education encourages reader comments on the Maine DOE Newsroom website as a way to foster a substantive dialogue about education in Maine.

This is a moderated website. Maine Department of Education staff members will review all comments before posting. The Maine Department of Education reserves the right not to post comments, especially those that are determined not to adhere to the criteria articulated in this policy.

We expect participants will treat each other, the students and employees of Maine schools, and the Maine Department of Education and its employees with respect. We will not post comments that:

  • contain vulgar or abusive language, personal attacks of any kind, or offensive terms that target specific ethnic or racial groups;
  • promote non-profit or for-profit services or products (non-commercial links that are relevant to the Newsroom post or comment are acceptable);
  • are clearly “off topic,” or “spam;” or
  • make unsupported accusations.

Your comments are welcome at any time. However, moderating and posting of comments will occur during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

You must include your full name and e-mail address when submitting a comment. Your e-mail address will not be published. For your own privacy and the privacy of others, do not include personally identifiable information beyond a name in the body of a comment. Such prohibited information includes Social Security numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Questions posted for the Maine Department of Education – especially those concerning personal matters – may not be answered on this website. Such questions can be submitted via the Maine DOE Newsroom Contact Us page or to the appropriate Maine Department of Education staff member.

The Maine Department of Education does not guarantee that any information posted by individuals on this website is correct, and disclaims any liability for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on any such information.

The Maine Department of Education may not be able to verify, does not warrant or guarantee, and assumes no liability for anything posted on this website by any other person. The Maine Department of Education does not endorse, support or otherwise promote any private or commercial entity or the information, products or services contained on those websites that may be reached through links on our website.

Opinions that appear in the Maine DOE Newsroom belong to the individuals who express them. They do not belong to or represent views of the Maine Department of Education.

The Maine Department of Education reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.


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