Data Warehouse proving valuable new resource

We continue to get positive feedback on the Data Warehouse we unveiled last month in conjunction with the Maine School Performance Grading System. Educators and administrators like having multiple years of their key data – including individual student growth models – in one place, and that they can export it to use and share. The also appreciate the ability to run comparisons of like schools and districts to determine best practices and opportunities for collaboration.

We hope you too are finding value in this new resource from Maine DOE. Please know staff from our Statewide Longitudinal Data System team are always available to come to your school or board meeting to teach you how to navigate the data portal and more importantly, how to use what you find there to identify challenges and develop targeted action plans for school improvement. We also recently led a webinar on Putting the Data Warehouse to Work as part of our School Improvement Series and invite you to review the recording, or read this blog post introducing you to navigating the Data Warehouse.

Please let us know how we can better help you utilize the Data Warehouse as we work together to improve outcomes for all Maine students.

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