Guidance provided for monthly food service reimbursement claims, training offered

The Maine DOE Child Nutrition team is reminding school districts to complete all steps below in NEO to file their food service monthly claim for reimbursement.  The steps are:

  • School Detail
  • FFVP (if applicable)
  • District Financial
  • District Claims (NEW from last year)
  • Notify legal agent claim ready for approval
  • Legal agent approves claim for reimbursement

To begin, log into the NEO system and select the “Nutrition” tab.  The  “District Claim” is under the “Reimbursement” tab. Click on the “Create” button on the right hand side of district claims listing to bring up the completed district claim form and scroll to the bottom and click on “Submit.” This will change the status from “System” to “Submitted.” The district claim is the only section the legal agent approves.

The legal agent will go to district claims and as long as the status is submitted, they will be able to approve the claim form.  They will click on “Edit” on the right hand side, bringing up the claim form submitted by the filer. The legal agent will scroll to the bottom and click on “Approve” which will cause the status on the claim listing to now indicate “Approved.”

The district claim listing tells you how much the district will receive for a monthly food service claim.  It will also tell you the status of your claim form.  It will be one of the following:

  • NEW: Nothing has been done.
  • SYSTEM: The claim needs to be created and submitted.
  • SUBMITTED: The claim is ready for legal agent approval.
  • APPROVED: Legal agent has approved and it will also tell you the date of approval.
  • PAID: The claim has been paid and the date of payment.

In addition to providing continued technical assistance via the Commissioner’s Update and the phone, the Department will be offering trainings this month in Rumford, Gorham, Augusta and via conference call on using the new NEO system for reimbursement and ordering.

For more information or to register, please contact Maine DOE Child Nutrition Specialist Nanci Kitredge at or 624-6877.

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