Maine teachers invited to participate in assessment hand scoring

Maine’s teachers are invited to apply for part-time work available now through June as a reader/evaluator in the scoring process for students across states who participated in the 2015 Smarter Balanced developed assessment.

Maine’s teachers have been involved, along with teachers from other states, in the development and field testing of items for the assessment, which has been used here in Maine. Many of the state’s teachers were also involved in setting achievement levels for the assessment. As students across states are completing the first operational administration of the summative assessment this spring, this provides another opportunity for Maine teachers to be involved in the process.

While most of the items on the assessment can be automatically scored by a computer, there are several items including essays, open-ended items, performance tasks that must be evaluated by trained human readers.

In addition to earning extra income, educators who have scored student writing for past assessments have found it an invaluable professional development opportunity that has a profound impact on teaching and learning.

As this scoring is already underway for those students who have already completed testing, we encourage interested teachers to promptly view this link for more information and an application.

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