NEO account management

With the 2015-16 school year upon us, we realize that occasionally staff moves positions from one school administrative unit (SAU) to another.  In addition, new staff personnel are also hired and need access to Maine DOE applications.

That being said, it is important to remember that the NEO account one may have had in one district does not follow to the other. This would require a new account to be created for you in your new SAU.

Superintendents that have any new staff in the SAU which need access to NEO must send the MEDMS Helpdesk an email with the following information in order for the account to be created:

  • Staff Name
  • Staff work email
  • Staff phone (direct line or extension if available)
  • SAU Name(s) – Include the School Administrative Units the staff person needs to access. Do not list School Union names but rather list all municipal entities which comprise the School Union. A separate request needs to be completed for each SAU the staff person needs to access
  • Module Access  – Lastly, you will need to tell us exactly which module in NEO the staff person needs to access.

Please use this form to request access for staff personnel.

If there are any questions, please contact the MEDMS Helpdesk at 624-6896 or email

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