Math and ELA/literacy results reminder – ORS versus iServices

There are two locations where the results from the spring 2015 Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) for mathematics and English language arts (ELA)/literacy, and the differences can be found by credentialed school staff.

Online Reporting System (ORS): Maine Portal DSA/SC/TA login credentials houses student reports as the students were organized in the Test Information Distribution System (TIDE), and not necessarily aggregated according to Maine’s decision rules (e.g., exclusion of home-schooled students, outplaced students included with sending district, exclusion of students with special considerations). This data is organized by how each school set rosters to determine which TAs have access to which students’ data. Only within the Portal ORS can you go deep into the data to filter for teachers, rosters, students, claims, targets, etc. Click here for ORS sample student report.

**IMPORTANT: Access to data in ORS will end on September 30, 2015. We strongly suggest that schools/SAUs download files of student data prior to that date (.xls or .csv). To download/export this type of data, go to:

  2. Log in with credentials/passwords (DSA/SC/TA)
  3. Go into ORS
  4. Go to Test Management Center/Retrieve Student Results OR Score Reports and filter as needed

For assistance with this process, please refer to:

  • Online Reporting System (ORS) User Guide. (PDF, 4MB) This user guide provides information about all ORS’s features, including instructions for viewing score reports, test management resources, creating and editing rosters, and searching for students.

iServices: Grade-Level, School/SAU Reports, and Summary Reports are available with students aggregated according to Maine’s decision rules. These reports are not intended for public distribution; they are confidential and intended for school use only. Superintendents and Principals should have been mailed login credentials. Student (“Parent/Guardian”) Reports are available on this site now before the paper copies are mailed to schools. Click here for iServices sample student report.

Data Review Period: Thank you for utilizing the ten days made available to review the data and report discrepancies. Discrepancies have been addressed now. Please go back to iServices to see if there were any changes that impact your school/SAU (adjustments in paper testers, Special Considerations, enrollment numbers, etc.).

Any questions about this reporting sequence may be addressed to the Department’s Nancy Godfrey at or Charlene Tucker at

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