Annual review of IEP transition plan

For a student who is in 9th grade or higher or 16 years of age or older, at least once during each school year (usually during the annual IEP review meeting), the IEP Team must review the transition plan portion of the student’s IEP (Section 8).

This plan is built around the plans and aspirations of the student, so it is critical that the student attend the meeting (or otherwise provide input to the transition planning if attendance is not feasible). It is important that the team check in with the student at each of these meetings, as those plans and aspirations may change as the student develops a more mature understanding of his or her abilities and interests, and of the demands associated with different postsecondary options.

The team should bear in mind that postsecondary transition goals are not static, but instead may evolve over time for many students. Use of appropriate transition assessment tools is critical in assisting the student to refine his or her thinking on this subject. As the student’s postsecondary goals shift, the other components of the transition plan must be reconsidered to make sure they remain in alignment with and support those goals.

For more information, contact Maine DOE’s Federal Program Coordinator Roberta Lucas at or 624-6621.

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