Maine contracts with Edupoint to replace State-level student information data system

The Maine Department of Education has entered into a two year contract with Edupoint Educational Systems, LLC to provide a State Level Student Information and Reporting System (SSIRS), called EduPoint Synergy.

Maine has been doing business with the same vendor since 2007, and the Bureau of Purchases determined that the Maine DOE needed to go through an RFP process to ensure competitive pricing and product.

With the contract amount of $1,470,270.00, “Edupoint’s Synergy product brings more State level flexibility along with quality, availability and security improvement. Implementing Ed-Fi for data transmission will bring a new level of interoperability to additional school units,” says Education Data Manager Charlotte Ellis. “The initial contract period is for two years with the option for four additional two year renewals, for a total of up to ten years. This contract is for a State level system to track data for State and federal reporting.”

The change will take place over the next two years, and the new Synergy system will have little or no impact on the student data systems currently in use in Maine’s school administrative units (SAUs). “While there is a provision in the contract for SAU level product pricing, local school units will continue to make their own determinations on what student information systems to use,” says Ellis.

It’s expected that Maine DOE and Edupoint staff will need 18 months to two years to fully convert to all the new functionalities of the system, allowing for a seamless rollout of improved, timelier access to accurate student data across the state.

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