PRIORITY NOTICE: Virtual Meeting Schedule – Thursday 3/26

Virtual office hour schedule for Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Maine Department of Education continues to schedule virtual office hours with Department Specialist to support educators and administrators during extended remote learning. During these meetings, our specialists will be available to provide support and guidance regarding distance learning and school supports, as well as to facilitate networking and resource sharing between educators.

Thank you to the educators in Maine, nationally, and internationally who have joined these popular sessions. We are pleased to be able to offer a platform where educators can connect. We do ask that, with space limitations, priority be given to Maine educators first as these support sessions are intended for them.

Please note that Office Hour Schedules will be regularly updated on this web page: and the Department will continue scheduling content specific office hours as needed.

Virtual Office Hours:

(Please note: each of these meetings as a 100 person max capacity.)


ELA 6-12 Office Hours Morgan Dunton 7:00 AM
Brain Centered Emotional Support Session Kellie Bailey 8:30
School Nursing Emily Poland 8:30
Teaching Personal Finance/Economics Office Hour Joe Schmidt 9:00
School Counseling Bear Shea 10:00
Elementary Literacy Dee Saucier 10:00
Using the Secretary of State’s Kids Page (Social Studies) Joe Schmidt & Sec. of State’s Office 10:00
Math K-5 Office Hour Jen & Michele 10:00
Public Pre-K Nicole Madore 10:00
Physical Education Jean Zimmerman 10:00
Special Services Grades K-12 Colette Sullivan and Leora Byras 10:00
Health Education Susan Berry 11:00 
Alternative Education Heather Whitaker (2020 Teacher of the Year) 11:00  
PBIS and Behavior Supports Courtney Angelosante (University of Maine) 11:00
Office Hours: 6-12 Math Michele & Jen 12:00
VISUAL ART, Grades 9-12 Office Hour Jason Anderson 12:00
Online Learning Support– Adult Education and PK-12 Emma-Marie Banks 12:30
Exploring Primary Sources with the Maine State Archives Joe Schmidt w/ Maine State Archives 1:00
MUSIC, Grades 9-12 Office Hour Jason Anderson 1:00
World Language – Indigenous Languages, Russian, Japanese, & Arabic Lavinia Rogers 1:00
Adult Education- Serving ELL Students Office Hours/Support April Perkins and Megan Dichter 1:30 Join URL: megan,
Adapted Physical Education Jean Zimmerman 1:00
Career and Education Development  Networking Diana Doiron 2:00 : 
Meaningful but Manageable (HS Music Educators) Jason Anderson (Led by Rob Westerberg, York HS) 2:00
6-12 Earth/Environmental Science networking Shari Templeton 2:00
6-12 Life Science networking Shari Templeton 2:30
ELA 6-12 Office Hours Morgan Dunton 3:00
6-12 Physical Science networking Shari Templeton 3:00
THEATRE, Grades K-12 Office Hour Jason Anderson 3:00
MTSS T 2 and T3 Open Forum Andrea Logan 3:00
World Language (K-12) Lavinia Rogers 3:30
Social Studies PK-12 Joe Schmidt 4:00
DANCE, Grades K-12 Office Hour Jason Anderson 4:00