Windham school health program gets national honor

Windham Middle School receives one of two Blue Apple Health Education awards with Distinction for 2011.

The percentage of Windham Middle School students who report smoking has decreased for six consecutive years. Ditto the rates of Windham students reporting they’ve used marijuana or alcohol.

It’s hardly a coincidence that during that period of sliding rates of student substance abuse, Windham Middle School has kept its comprehensive health education program intact.

That’s the reason the Windham school is one of two nationwide to receive a Blue Apple Award with Distinction this year from the American Association for Health Education.

The other award recipient is Delcastle Technical High School in Wilmington, Del.

“The success of our program is the result of a commitment by the district to supporting a strong comprehensive health program,” Windham Middle School health teacher Eliza Adams. “We hope to develop a healthier generation of Windham students.”

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