Federal CCR Registration Update Reminder


This is a reminder to school administrative units that they are required to update their Central Contractors Registration (CCR) each year.

Each school administrative unit has registered with the Central Contractors Registration (CCR) in order to receive federal education grants.    This registration must be updated each year.  The anniversary date is the date you first registered with the system.  If your registration has expired you will not be able to receive federal funds until you complete the update.

Renew your registration at http://www.ccr.gov. This site has information concerning your Federal Tax Identification Number and DUNS Number.  If you have questions, or need assistance call the federal CCR customer service at 866-606-8220.

At the Maine Department of Education, contact Dennis Kunces at dennis.kunces@maine.gov or at 624-6815.

One thought on “Federal CCR Registration Update Reminder

  1. Keeping your CCR registration updated is very important. Grants.gov recently announced on their blog that any applicants whose CCR registration was expired would have their application rejected automatically. I’m sure that other federal agencies will be adopting similar policies soon, if they haven’t already. We see a lot of organizations who wait until a payment is pending to check the status of their CCR registration and run into trouble because they put it off so long and hit an obstacle that delays the processing of their registration.

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