Schools to share $5m plus in improvement funds

AUGUSTA – Applications for four schools in three school districts were approved for over $5 million in federal School Improvement Grant funding over the next three years. The funds will support locally developed plans aimed at improving student achievement.

Each district developed its own plan to use the funds for professional development, after-school programming, and other work targeted at substantially raising achievement

In April, 10 Maine schools were listed as eligible to apply for the grants. The schools met a number of detailed criteria, established by federal guidelines, including below-average proficiency and progress on state testing. Five districts applied.

The approved applications came from:

  • Regional School Unit 24, Ellsworth High School ($1,489,328) and Mountain View School ($337,131)
  • Portland Schools, East End Community School ($2, 748,663)
  • RSU 27, Fort Kent Community High School ($846,140)

Mountain View School was not on the list of 10 eligible schools, but was on a list of additional “Tier III” schools that could apply for funds if any were available after all approved Tier I and Tier II approved applications were funded. Mountain View was the only Tier III school whose district submitted an application.

Final approval for the four schools is contingent on confirmation that the schools meet federal requirements for Highly Qualified Teacher status.

RSU 19 and RSU 59, two of the 10 eligible districts, also submitted applications on behalf of their high schools, Nokomis Regional High School and Madison Area Memorial High School. However, their applications did not meet the requirements.

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