Washburn school celebrates a day with the gods

WASHBURN — Freshmen at Washburn District High School dressed up as gods and goddesses for the Aroostook County school’s second annual Gods/Goddesses Day on Oct. 27.

Washburn District High School students dressed up as Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses pose for a photo.
Washburn District High School students pose for a photo during Gods/Goddesses Day at the school on Oct. 27, 2011. The students dressed up as Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses as part of the culmination of a unit of study on Greek and Roman mythology.

Gods/Goddesses Day was the culmination of a study of Greek and Roman mythology by freshman-year English students involving the books of author Rick Riordan. Each student selected a Greek or Roman God or Goddess, or a Titan of the Earth, researched his or her life and legacy, wrote a paper and developed an era-appropriate invitation to a festival.

The project was the result of a collaboration among English and history classes and the school library, said English teacher April Flagg. The teachers and students involved worked for weeks to generate excitement for Gods/Goddesses Day. The dressed-up students spent most of the day discussing their Gods and Goddesses with upperclassmen.

“This year, the upperclassmen bowed for the entire day for these students,” Flagg said. “It was a magical experience.”

Thank you to Washburn District High School for submitting this photo and information.
– Maine DOE News

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